‘World’s fittest nurse’ reveals unusual trick that helps her stay in shape

The ‘World’s fittest nurse’ has spoken about the ONE thing missing from her home that helps her stay in shape.

Paige Mills, 24, trains for two hours a day despite countless hours spent on a busy ward where she works as an emergency nurse.

The super-fit, from Melbourne, Australia, says men are surprised when they find out she can lift more than them.

Paige has worked as a registered nurse for three years since graduating, also working with patients in rehabilitation which has fulfilled her goal of having an impact on other peoples’ lives.

Although she is incredibly busy at work, Paige thrives off the chaos and feels that the constant busyness is what keeps her mind and body stimulated.

Paige first found her love for fitness when she finished her nursing degree which made her feel inactive, making her want to burn off energy in the gym. Now, Paige works out for five or six days a week, for two hours each day.

Her dedicated fitness regime is all thanks to Paige not owning a TV aerial at home which means she has plenty more time to work out because she doesn’t watch any television.

Through nursing, Paige has learnt to appreciate her fitness as she deals with patients who may never even walk again. Even during long periods of consecutive night shifts Paige manages to maintain her fitness regime as she can squat 155kg and deadlift 152kg.

"At first I wanted to get a degree for the self-actualisation of doing it, but I decided I wanted to do something where I could have an impact on people’s lives instead," said Paige.

"I’ve also tried out hospitality, driving trucks, being a dancer and a builder’s labourer, but then I found nursing and I also do some fitness modelling now too.

"I studied to be a nurse for three years at university while I also worked as a carer in a nursing home, but I’ve now been a registered nurse for three years since.

"I love the chaos of it being on my feet and doing a million things at once keeps my body and mind stimulated.

"Having gone from very physically demanding jobs before to then studying and working as a nurse made me feel very sedentary, so I felt like I needed to burn off some energy. That’s when I first found fitness and joined a gym.

"Now I will work out for two hours a day, five or six days a week. It can be hard to keep up with my routine sometimes when I’m transitioning from day shifts to night shifts and when I’m sleep deprived.

"In nursing we aren’t allowed to manually lift patients, so the strength isn’t as handy as you may think, but back injuries are super common among nurses. I think powerlifting has taught me the correct lifting techniques, so hopefully I’ll never have a work-related back injury.

"I hear people say they don’t have the time to go to the gym, yet they watch two to three hours of television a day. Whereas I don’t have a television aerial at home, so I guess there’s time for anything you love if you make it a priority, and training comes first for me of course."

Paige spoke about how she makes sure her diet fuels her busy schedule and ensuring she can recover properly.

Patients will often comment on Paige’s muscly physique and men are frequently surprised to find out that she can lift more than they can.

"Before I started lifting, I wasn’t able to distinguish between a woman with muscle and a woman carrying excess fat. But now I very often get patients commenting on my muscles," said Paige.

"The reaction I get from men is often saying ‘wow, you can lift more than me’. But I think people who have known me forever aren’t surprised that I ended up being somewhat of a public figure because I’ve never been afraid of the limelight. I’m a pretty open person.

"I eat so much I try to eat a lot of protein and carbohydrates to fuel my workouts. If I don’t eat enough, I won’t perform well in training, which makes me feel frustrated. I usually eat around 2000 to 3000 calories a day.

"Nursing has taught me not to take any physical abilities for granted. I don’t think people realise that there are people my age who are in stroke wards or in nursing homes and they’ll never walk or talk again.

"You should exercise to celebrate your capacity to do so, and love your body for what it can do, not for how it looks."

You can follow Paige’s fitness regime by checking out her Instagram, @bikerbiddie.

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Lisa Armstrong hits back as she’s axed from Britain’s Got Talent

Lisa Armstrong took to Twitter to respond to reports she has been axed from Britain’s Got Talent following her divorce from Ant McPartlin last month.

She has worked as a senior make-up artist on the ITV talent competition for the last ten years, but over the weekend it was revealed she will not be back in 2019 because it was "untenable” to continue working with ex Ant.

A day after the news broke, Lisa appeared on social media to like and retweet messages of support from fans about her shock departure.

First Lisa re-shared one post that read: "Just saw you have been taken off BGT , I’m sorry to hear this if it’s true Lisa , it seems you are still getting punished for something you had no control over . You are amazing and so good to your followers with advice ect so carry on and sod em!"

Another fan told Lisa her axing from the show was ‘bloody ridiculous’ Why should [you] be punished?" they asked.

"Exactly hun x" Lisa responded.

Lisa, 42, then liked another post that brought up her ex-husband’s brush with the law.

"Poor lisaAmakeup, so she loses her job on BGT because Ant is obviously returning to work, but he is the one who got caught drink driving and cheated on her. Awful decision," said one Twitter user, to Lisa’s approval.

She also liked a slightly more hopeful post that read: "Hi – just read you’re being ‘axed’ from the next series of BGT. You’re very highly thought of in your field, and no doubt, you’ll get new offers to work on many other shows! :)"

As well as working on Britain’s Got Talent, Lisa has also been a key member of the Strictly Come Dancing make-up department.

But over the weekend it was revealed her part in the Ant and Dec fronted ITV reality show was now at an end.

A BGT insider said Lisa was leaving the show to ensure that Ant’s return to TV “goes smoothly with no unnecessary distractions."

The source added: “Although everyone is very fond of Lisa, it was clearly untenable to carry on working together.

“Ant and Dec are two of the most senior people on the show, sometimes these tough decisions have to be made.”

Friends of Lisa, 42, said that she had been expecting to be dropped.

A pal added: “Lisa was officially told last week but knew it was coming for months. She’s a freelancer so doesn’t have the same protection as a full-time employee.”

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Infographic reveals exactly how much YOU earn compared to billionaires

How long does it take Jeff Bezos to earn YOUR annual salary? (Spoiler, it’s less than a minute)

  • Interactive module reveals how much world’s wealthiest earn compared to you 
  • There are now 54 UK-based billionaires with a combined wealth of £123billion
  • James Dyson, who is worth £8.5bn, earns £28k average UK wage in 6 minutes
  • US billionaires have even more money – with Amazon’s Jeff Bezos topping the list
  • Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates need minutes to earn typical British salary
  • e-mail



Amazon founder Jeff Bezos earns more in 28 seconds than the average Briton is paid in an entire year and today you can see how your pay packet compares to the world’s richest billionaires.

Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg needs just a minute to take home the £28,600 average UK salary while Bet365 betting mogul Denise Coates must only wait 20 minutes to bank the five-figure sum.

British inventor James Dyson, who is worth £8.5billion, earns £77 per second and secures the typical UK annual wage in less than six minutes. 

The growing gap between the world’s richest people and workers is revealed in new research published today.

And ABC Finance’s ‘you versus the mega-rich’ infographic reveals exactly how much you earn compared to billionaires in America and Britain.  

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos earns more in 28 seconds than the average Briton is paid in an entire year. Here you can see how your pay packet compares to the world’s richest billionaires

MailOnline readers can work out how much they earn compared to the world’s wealthiest people using the interactive module above

The amount of time billionaire Britons and Americans take to earn the £28,600 average UK salary has been calculated

There are 2,000 billionaires across the world with a combined wealth if almost £7trillion. 

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos tops the list with a mind-boggling £620,000 ($785,000) earned every week. 

Mark Zuckerberg needs a minute to earn £28,600 ($36,000) while Bill Gates requires just four minutes to earn that amount.

There are now 54 UK-based billionaires with an astonishing combined wealth of more than £123 billion ($156bn).

James Dyson, who is worth £8.5billion, earns £77 per second and pockets the average UK wage in six minutes. 

Bet365 mogul Denise Coates, who is worth £3billion alone, and she, her father Peter and brother John needed 20 minutes to bank £28,600 because they were paid £754million last year.

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Virgin boss Richard Branson takes only 25 minutes to earn the UK average wage.

‘As recent studies have shown, the richest 1 per cent now own half of the world’s total wealth – allowing them to maintain lifestyles most of us can only dream of’,  according to infographic and in-depth feature from the ABC blog.

A spokesman added: ‘We love to compare ourselves to others, and this is especially true when those other happen to be ludicrously rich’.

Their research also reveals which continents have the most billionaires.  

Asia has the highest number with 719 mega-rich followed by North America which is home to 631 billionaires.

Europe is home to 554 billionaires where as Africa is home to just 25.  

There are now more than 2,000 billionaires in the world with Asia having the highest concentration

Earlier this year it was revealed the number of billionaires in the world has soared to a record high – and they are richer than ever before.

The wealth of the world’s billionaires increased by 24 per cent from 2016 – to $9.2 trillion (£6.83 trillion) – and there are now 2,754 of them around the world.

The number of female billionaires also increased, rising by 18 per cent year on year, according to the annual Wealth-X Billionaire Census.

Wealth-X credited the steep rise in the number of billionaires to ‘a vibrant technology sector, as well as dynamic growth in the number of ultra-wealthy individuals in Asia’.

Most of the world’s billionaires are from the US, with the North American nation accounting for 25 per cent of the global total.

The U.S. is also home to seven of the ten richest men in the world – Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Warren Buffett.

Jeff Bezos earns more in 30 seconds than the average British person earns in an entire year

James Dyson (pictured) earns more than £46,500 ($59,000) every week while Richard Branson earns £12,500 ($16,000) over seven days

Mrs Coates, pictured with her father Peter, who is also a director of her betting company. The family made more than £700million from Bet365 last year

In 2017, the U.S. added 60 new billionaires, taking the total number to 680, with a combined wealth of $3.2 trillion (£2.37 trillion).

The U.S. is followed by the Communist People’s Republic of China with 338 billionaires, and Germany with 152 billionaires.

India comes in fourth with 104, and Switzerland in fifth with 99 billionaires.

The United Kingdom is eight, home to 90 billionaires with a combined total wealth of $251 billion (£186 billion).


Number two: Microsoft founder Bill Gates

1. Jeff Bezos – $112billion 

The 54-year-old entrepreneur founded Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, in 1994. He became the world’s richest person last year.  

2. Bill Gates – $90billion

The Microsoft founder has been on the Forbes Rich List since 1987, and between 1995 and 2017, he ‘won’ the top position all but four years. He is also known for his philanthropic work along with his wife Melinda.

3. Warren Buffett – $84billion

The American business investor is the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, which wholly owns companies such as Geico and Dairy Queen and parts of Cocoa Cola, Kraft Heinz and Apple. 

4. Bernard Arnault – $72billion

The 69-year-old is head of LVMH, the world’s largest luxury-goods company, which includes Louis Vuitton, Dior, Moët & Chandon champagne and Hennessy cognac. He is the richest person in fashion – and in France.

5. Mark Zuckerberg – $71billion

Zuckerberg, 34, launched Facebook along with his college friends while at Harvard University, and is still the CEO of the social media giant.

6. Amancio Ortega –  $70billion

The 82-year-old Spanish business tycoon is founder of the Inditex fashion group, which includes high street favorite Zara.

7. Carlos Slim Helu, America Movil – $67.1billion

The Mexican business magnate, 78, was the world’s richest person from 2010 to 2015. He has made his fortune from buying into Mexican companies, and accounts for 40 per cent of the listings on the Mexican Stock Exchange.

8 and 9. Charles and David Koch – $60billion each

The brothers, aged 82 and 78, head up Koch Industries, the second-largest privately held company in the United States. 

10. Larry Ellison – $58.5billion

The 73-year-old American co-founded software company Oracle. He is the owner of the sixth largest Hawaiian island and his own racing yacht team.

Source: The Forbes List


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Nicki Minaj and Her New Man Make Their Relationship Instagram Official


Nicki Minaj has a new man in her life. 

Over the weekend, the rapper appeared to make her relationship with Kenneth Petty Instagram official. The “Barbie Dreams” star posted a series of photos and videos from her birthday getaway, including a shot that showed her cuddling up with him.

“Did you ever make it out of that town where nothing ever happens?…it’s no secret…that both of us…are running out of time…,” she captioned a photo of her wrapping her arms and leg around him. She also shared a separate photo of him looking off into the distance. 

As if these weren’t enough social media clues that a romance may be brewing, Petty also shared the same photo of himself getting cozy with Minaj on Instagram. He actually made it his account’s profile picture.

This wasn’t the first time Minaj had posted a picture of Petty. The two sparked romance rumors last month after Minaj shared a photo of the duo hanging out.

Although, some of Minaj’s social media followers have expressed concern over this relationship. Petty is a registered sex offender in the state of New York.

Overall, it looked like Minaj had a great birthday celebration. She posted a picture of herself having some fun in the sun and riding on the back of a jet ski. 

View this post on Instagram

You know da phkn vybez 〽️🅱️ #QGTM

A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on

View this post on Instagram

You know da phkn vybez 〽️🅱️ #QGTM

A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on

She also shared a video of her crew singing “Happy Birthday” and celebrating with a sparkler cake.

View this post on Instagram

Yesterday was super duper sleezy 😂🥳

A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on

View this post on Instagram

Yesterday was super duper sleezy 😂🥳

A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on

Happy 36th birthday, Nicki!

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Tycoon Vijay Mallya can be extradited to India, UK judge rules

The drinks tycoon Vijay Mallya can be extradited to India to face allegations of fraud, a UK judge has ruled.

Mallya, the chairman of the UB Group, is wanted in his home country over debts incurred by his defunct Kingfisher Airline.

The 62-year-old, who built his fortune in the drinks industry, denies any wrongdoing and has been fighting to remain in Britain.

In a judgment passed at Westminster magistrates court on Monday, however, the senior district judge Emma Arbuthnot said that there was a case to be answered.

She said she would refer Mallya’s case to the home secretary for a decision on whether or not to order his extradition.

Arbuthnot found that Mallya had misrepresented how loans received from banks would be used. She said bankers had been charmed by a “glamorous, flashy, famous, bejewelled, bodyguarded, ostensibly billionaire playboy” into losing their common sense.

Mallya is alleged to have knowingly misled largely state-owned banks about the fortunes of the failing airline, before laundering the cash to fund his Formula 1 motor racing team and other projects.

Indian multimillionaire ordered to give back pay to superyacht crew

India’s enforcement directorate has been investigating the tycoon’s debts linked to the airline, which amount to £977m.

A lawyer for Mallya previously argued that the fraud allegations were politically motivated and fitted a pattern of corruption charges surfacing in Indian election years.

The Central Bank of India opened a criminal investigation into Mallya in 2015, and the Metropolitan police’s extradition unit arrested him in April last year on behalf of the Indian authorities.. He had entered the UK on a valid passport in March 2016.

Mallya, who appeared in court dressed in a pinstripe suit with a red tie, barely reacted as the judge delivered her ruling.

He was once hailed as India’s version of the British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson for his investments in the airline, a Formula 1 team and an Indian Premier League cricket club.

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What time is Sir Cliff Richard: 60 Years in Public and Private on ITV tonight?

But when is on TV and what is it about? Here's everything you need to know.

What time is Sir Cliff Richard: 60 Years in Public and Private on ITV tonight?

Sir Cliff Richard: 60 Years in Public and Private will air on ITV TONIGHT (Monday, December 10, 2018) at 9 pm.

It will last an hour, so it will finish at 10 pm.

Those that miss it can watch it on ITV Hub after its broadcast is completed.

It is a one-off documentary, so there will be no follow up episodes.

What is the documentary about?

As the title gives away, it is all about Sir Cliff Richard's life and accomplishments.

It includes interviews with Sir Barry Gibb, Olivia Newton-John, Hank Marvin, Jimmy Osmond, and Andrew-Lloyd Webber among others.

Filmed over six months, the filming traveled from Cliff's Portugal home to the Abbey Road Studios and Wimbledon.

It offers the viewers an insight into Cliff's career highs and lows as he gets ready to release his 104th album.

Cliff also talks about the BBC televised raid on his home in 2014 and his battle to clear his name.

How old is Sir Cliff Richard and what's his net worth?

Sir Cliff Richard is a 78-year-old British pop singer, musician, and actor.

He was born on October 14, 1940, in British India's United Provinces.

Considering he has spent 60 years in the industry now, it is now surprising that he has released countless albums and songs.

According to the annual Sunday Times Rich List, the 77-year-old icon was worth £58m in 2016.

The three-time winner of The Sun's "Male Pop Personality" of the year award came 41st in the list of the UK's 50 richest musicians.

His worth increased after a tour to mark his 75th birthday consisted of six shows at the Royal Albert Hall and another eight gigs in the UK and Ireland.

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Inside Noel Gallagher’s £11.5m London mansion as he knocks £2.5m off the asking price

The former Oasis rocker put the six-bedroom house in London up for sale in 2016 but hasn’t been able to get a buyer.

Noel, 51, has now reduced the price of the swanky pad to £8,950,000 in the hope that it will tempt a buyer into sealing the deal.

Anyone who fancies putting an offer in for the property will be living a life of luxury, after Noel overhauled the house to give it a more glamorous feel.

The stucco-fronted period property overlooks a canal and is set back from the street – with a large front and rear garden.

As well as having six bedrooms, the house has five large bathrooms and three large reception rooms.

There is also a large gym with a separate one-bedroom annexe at the back of the property.

All of Noel’s reception rooms have been finished to a high standard, with a neutral colour scheme running throughout.

The house boasts large windows which flood the rooms with light, giving them an airy, spacious feel.

Noel’s modern kitchen is fitted with high-end appliances and has an industrial type island built into the middle of the space.

The property also features a grand entrance hall, complete with a stunning staircase.

Outside the grounds of the house are enormous given Noel’s central London location – with a 1,257 square foot garden.

Estate Agent Zoopla feature the property on their website and said the house, in the area known as Little Venice, is one of the area’s “most desirable streets”.

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Are Hawkeye and Ant-Man in Avengers Endgame and why weren't they in Infinity War?

2019 promises to be Marvel's biggest year to date as they boast the largest ensemble cast to date with the sequel to this year's smash-hit Infinity War but where was Hawkeye and will he return?

Why weren't Hawkeye and Ant-Man in Infinity War?

Hawkeye, otherwise known as Clint Barton, was last seen in Captain America: Civil War when he was drawn out of retirement to come to the soldier's aid against Team Iron-Man.

After the epic showdown, Jeremy Renner and Paul Rudd's Ant-Man were imprisoned under the orders of Thaddeus Ross.

The end of the film shows Cap returning to break the rest of his team out.

Yet although they were freed with Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch and Anthony Mackie's Falcon, the two were absent from Infinity War.

It was later explained that Ant-Man and Hawkeye had both taken deals with the authorities for their wrong-doings in Civil War that had left them under house arrest in order to protect their families.

What is Hawkeye's role in Avengers 4?

In the comics, Clint Barton returns to his family to discover that his family have been assassinated which leads to him shedding the persona of Hawkeye and becoming the lone samurai Ronin.

Pictures of Renner on the set of 2019's Avengers 4 that directly follows on from Infinity War shows the actor sporting the leg armour that Ronin wears as well a noticeably different mohawk.

One theory is when Thanos wiped out half the universe in the Decimation, he claimed all of Clint's family bar Hawkeye himself, which may explain his swift to the ruthless samurai.

Joe and Anthony Russo told ComicBook: "Hawkeye’s on his own journey in this movie.

"He has a unique reaction to the Civil War situation that puts him in a special spot in this film."

The first trailer for Avengers: Endgame was released in December 2019, and shows a noticeably different Clint Barton sheathing a samurai sword over the bodies of his victims.

As he was still under house arrest in Civil War, the switch to the sleeker disguise of Ronin may also aide Clint in returning to the superhero world without government intervention.

What is Ant-Man's role in Avengers 4?

Ant-Man and the Wasp was released earlier this summer as the start of Marvel's Phase 4, and showed Scott trapped in the Quantum Realm while Thanos claimed Hank, Hope, and Janet.

During the film, Janet explained to Hank that exposure to the Quantum Realm had changed her and she's now more evolved and possesses new powers.

In the Avengers: Endgame trailer, Scott is shown with towards the end arriving outside Avengers' headquarters in the same van Hank built the quantum tunnelling.

It has been reported multiple times that time travel may hold the key to defeating Thanos so Ant-Man's knowledge of the Quantum Realm may be the most useful tool the Avengers have.

When will Avengers 4 be released in the UK?

Avengers: Endgame will hit the cinemas across the UK on April 26, 2019 – exactly a year on from Infinity War. This will be followed by a US release on May 3, 2019.

The latest trailer sees Tony Stark bid farewell as he runs out of oxygen while the remaining superheroes try to come out with a game plan.

Despite the massacre at the end of Infinity War, most of the characters are expected to return in Avengers 4.

The film will follow directly on from Infinity War but will depart even further from the original Marvel comics.

One fan theory was that Avengers 4 might have something to do with the invasion of earth by Skrull aliens, which happens in the comic books.

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Waratahs loom as lifeline with Hunt and Reds set to part ways

Karmichael Hunt will part ways with the Queensland Reds by Christmas and could be in the frame for a NSW call-up in 2019.

The Herald understands the code-hopping utility and his management are close to an agreement with the Reds that will see him released from the final year of his contract with the Super Rugby side in the coming weeks.

Breakthrough: Queensland and Karmichael Hunt are understood to have agreed to a release for the veteran back.Credit:AAP

Without a Super Rugby offer elsewhere at this stage, it is unclear where that leaves him. He is still contracted to Rugby Australia.

But with the Waratahs on a mission to build squad depth next season and Hunt still a person of interest to Wallabies coach Michael Cheika, the NSW side have not ruled out taking a closer look at him.

The 31-year-old played six Tests for Australia in 2017 before an arrest on drugs charges a year ago brought it all crashing down. Police dropped a charge of cocaine possession and no conviction was recorded, but Hunt was fined $300 for being in possession of a prescription drug and another $300 for failing to report to police for finger-printing.

The incident resulted in a $10,000 fine under Rugby Australia's Code of Conduct and a four-match ban. It was also the end of his career in Queensland, with hard-line coach Brad Thorn effectively rubbing him out of all plans, two years out from the end of his contract.

Unwanted: Hunt was shut out of the Reds and Brisbane club Norths, but found a lifeline through Souths and the NRC. Credit:Tertius Pickard

Hunt saw out the year training with Souths in the Brisbane club competition and playing for Brisbane City in the NRC. He has never given up his ambitions for higher honours.

"My dream world would be to run out there with the Reds again and play some footy for the Wallabies again," Hunt told Fox Sports' Kick and Chase program in November.

"That’s my dream goal and I’m doing everything possible to put myself in that position for next year.

"This last chapter is probably my most important.

"I’m not going to be able to wipe away the past and nor do I want to.

"But I want to own it and I want to move forward and put footy at the forefront of the talking points when people speak about my name."

NSW bound? Hunt chats with Michael Hooper during Wallabies training in 2017.Credit:AAP

Other unwanted Reds stars have found new homes, with Quade Cooper moving to the Rebels and James Slipper to the Brumbies. The Rebels appear to have a surplus of back-line talent already, while the Brumbies are also understood to have a full house.

The Waratahs could be Hunt's lifeline, although the organisation would need to undertake a review before moving ahead with the proposed recruitment. Head coach Daryl Gibson has targeted a larger, deeper squad to help his side go one better than last year's Super Rugby semi-final. They are close to announcing the return of veteran Adam Ashley-Cooper and have given Israel Folau’s younger brother, John Folau, a training squad spot in a bid to fill the wing spot left by the UK-based Taqele Naiyaravoro.

Hunt played all of his Tests in the midfield, but was used at fullback in his 32 appearances for Queensland. With Ashley-Cooper and Folau in the NSW squad, the former Broncos and Suns player would be caught behind some solid talent.

But against a backdrop of a World Cup year, in which the Super Rugby teams have committed to a 20 per cent reduction in playing and training load for their Test players, a player of Hunt's experience and versatility could be a handy resource for NSW.

There is some water to go under the bridge yet. Cooper's move to the Rebels was a drawn-out process as Rugby Australia tried to broker a deal that satisfied both Queensland and Melbourne. Hunt's move would presumably go down a similar path, with NSW agreeing to take on a portion of Hunt's salary and the Reds keeping the remainder on their books.

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‘Hollywood Game Night’ Preview: Lauren Ash, Jameela Jamil & More Unite For Epic Holiday Fun

Are you ready to get into the holiday spirit? HollywoodLife has an EXCLUSIVE preview of the hilarious and fun holiday episode of ‘Hollywood Game Night,’ featuring Lauren Ash, Jameela Jamil, and more!

Hollywood Game Night is feeling festive, so host Jane Lynch is inviting us all home for the holidays! The Dec. 11 episode of Hollywood Game Night is a special holiday edition of the hit game show. In our EXCLUSIVE preview of the holiday episode, Jane’s celebrity guests tackle holiday-themed games, including Hold My Balls, Song Sung Wrong, Where Ya Goin’, and more in hopes of winning the $25,000 grand prize.

Lauren Ash, Tony Hale, Jameela Jamil, and Dana Smith don huge holiday pants to play Get In My Pants. Jane tests them on their holiday movie knowledge. First up is a fun fact about The Santa Clause. After the Lauren, Tony, Jameela, and Dana guess correctly, a huge ball is thrown up in the air. The Good Place star catches the ball with her huge holiday pants!

Next is a fact about A Christmas Story. Tony, wearing an amazing holiday sweater, has to travel a bit to catch the ball. But the Veep star completes the task with ease. Finally, Lauren’s turn is up. After Jane drops the name “Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins,” everyone immediately knows it’s from Elf. Lauren effortlessly catches the ball tossed her way.

The holiday edition of Hollywood Game Night will air Dec. 11 at 10 p.m. on NBC, following Darci Lynne: My Hometown Christmas. NBC is blessing us with so many holiday specials this year. A holiday edition of Ellen’s Game of Games will air Dec. 12, followed by Steve Harvey’s Little Big Shots. America’s Got Talent will also air a holiday episode of Dec. 17. For all you Timeless fans out there, the series finale will air Dec. 20 from 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. It’s truly the most wonderful time of the year, right?

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