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Retinol: the wonder skincare ingredient for extra TLC in January

Is your skin looking a bit thirsty and tired, and screaming for some extra TLC this January? If I told you there was a dermatologically proven skincare ingredient that helps with a whopping number of skin issues – from reducing wrinkles, pigmentation, age spots, uneven skin tone and acne, to ramping up collagen production, brightening dull, deadened-looking complexions and reducing […]

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Build Total Body Strength With the Turkish Getup

Lifting a weight from the ground over your head is about the most challenging strength exercise you can do, which is why variations of it appear in Olympic weightlifting competition (the snatch and clean and jerk). But the Turkish getup makes the movement even more difficult by forcing you to kickstart that process from the lowest position possible, on your […]

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MA Rep. Ayanna Pressley Proudly Debuts Her Bald Head After Revealing She Has Alopecia — Watch

In an empowering new video, Massachusetts Rep., Ayanna Pressley, opens up about her alopecia diagnosis for the first time, and bravely shows off her bald head while discussing the hair loss. Ayanna Pressley, 45, who is the U.S. Representative for Massachusetts’ 7th Congressional District, has revealed that she has alopecia, an autoimmune disease that causes hair loss. Ayanna opened up […]

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Blast Your Shoulders With This 5-Move, Zero-Press Workout

A pair of three-dimensional, chiseled, boulder shoulders is often the finishing touch on a summer body, and it’s more than that, too. Your shoulders are involved in just about every upper-body exercise you can think of, whether it’s the deltoids acting as key movers in the bench press, or supporting shoulder musculature providing stability during pullups and even biceps curls. […]

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What Is Tati Beauty’s Blendiful? Tati Westbrook Teased Her New Drop

With the launch of her eponymous brand, Tati Beauty, and her first product, the Textured Neutrals Vol. 1 Eyeshadow Palette, Tati Westbrook took the beauty community by storm. Seriously, you couldn’t go one second in the beauty industry without hearing influencers, vloggers, or the beauty obsessed gush over that palette. And now, Westbrook is building up the same hype for […]

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This 80-Year-Old Crossfit Stud Can Probably Outlift You

Octogenarian Jacinto Bonilla runs a CrossFit gym out of his backyard in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. But the 80-year-old doesn’t just provide the real estate for youngsters in his neighborhood to train—he’s an active CrossFitter himself, and odds are, he’s in better shape than you. Bonilla deadlifts 325 pounds, squats 250 pounds, and can rip off 20 unbroken pullups. “Any kind […]

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