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Naga Munchetty bags ANOTHER TV gig away from BBC Breakfast after rave reviews on Have I Got News for You | The Sun

NAGA Munchetty has bagged another TV gig away from BBC Breakfast after hosting Have I Got News for You. The journalist and anchor, 48, is best known for fronting the flagship morning programme. Naga typically hosts alongside Charlie Stayt from Thursdays to Saturdays each week. But lately she's been handed a string of side gigs, with the most recent being […]

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Kate Garraway ‘willing Derek on’ in bedside vigil after Covid-stricken husband suffers heart attack before Christmas | The Sun

KATE Garraway is 'willing Derek on' in a 24-7 bedside vigil after he suffered a huge heart attack just before Christmas. The brave family have come together to pray for "fighter" Derek, 56, after he was taken seriously ill last Monday. Wife Kate has since cancelled all TV and radio presenting while she supports her husband who is "fighting for […]

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