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I kiss my nine-year-old daughter on the lips just like David Beckham – it’s natural and only creeps would sexualise it – The Sun

DESPITE being berated by critics numerous times before, David Beckham was again pictured kissing his daughter Harper on the lips last week. Trolls were quick to take a swipe at Becks for planting one on his nine-year-old girl while they visited an organic farm, saying: “Why is he kissing her on the lips?” and “Please stop kissing kids on the […]

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Cardi B Slams Racist Response to Her Birkin Collection: 'Ya'll Don't Do This to White Celebrities'

Cardi B put haters in their place after she spotted racist comments about her Hermés Birkin handbag collection. A social media post started circulating that claimed the expensive Birkin bags (which typically range anywhere from $12,000 to $200,000) have "literally lost their value" because female Black rappers make them "easy to get" and less "exclusive." So Cardi B jumped on […]

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Instead, a Short Run to the Altar

Lyndsey Cecilia McKenna and Nicholas Justin Bunker were supposed to run the Chicago marathon on Oct. 11, but after it was canceled they decided to make the date special another way — with a small wedding at St. Mary Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church in St. Petersburg, Fla. “At every point the goal posts were shifting,” Ms. McKenna said. […]

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