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Heart op patients should be told risk of deadly blood-eating bug

Tens of thousands of heart operation patients should be told they are at risk of deadly blood-eating bug, campaigners warn NHS contacted 47,000 patients who had heart valve ops between 2013 and 2016 M.chimaera can lie in the body for up to 13 years – longer than previously thought There were 33 deaths from 49 confirmed cases Health Security Agency said […]

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Moment axed Radio 2 host Steve Wright walked out after quitting show

Moment axed Radio 2 host Steve Wright walked out of the BBC and lamented ‘sometimes people want you, sometimes they don’t’ after he announced he was leaving his show after more than 20 years Steve Wright, 67, revealed that he is leaving his long-running Radio 2 afternoon slot after 24 years on air  ‘Sometimes people want you, sometimes they don’t […]

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Rapist who targeted straight men could have HUNDREDS more victims

Rapist who targeted married straight men in exclusive Raffles Nightclub could have HUNDREDS more victims police fear as they urge men to come forward Luiz Da Silva Neto, 35, found guilty of drugging and sexually assaulting two men Police believe there may be more of his victims who are yet to come forward  They say that the case has similarities to crimes […]

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Killer 'stepbrother' Craig Mulligan, 14, dances with Logan Mwangi

Killer ‘stepbrother’ Craig Mulligan, 14, dances with Logan Mwangi just months before murdering boy, 5 – as review is launched into string of failures before his death amid calls for overhaul of entire system after yet ANOTHER little life is lost Craig Mulligan murdered stepbrother Logan Mwangi then helped dump body in river 250 yards from home  Stepfather, racist ex-convict […]

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Putin rejects Johnson's claim a woman wouldn't have invaded Ukraine

LONDON (Reuters) – Russian President Vladimir Putin on Thursday rejected British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's charge that if he were a woman he would not have invaded Ukraine. Speaking at a news conference in the early hours of Thursday during a visit to Turkmenistan, Putin pointed to former British leader Margaret Thatcher's decision to send troops into the Falklands as […]

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Heartwarming moment stranger gives an old woman flowers

Heartwarming moment a total stranger gives an elderly woman a bunch of flowers before she bursts into tears – and the sad reason behind his random act of kindness TikTok influencer Harrison Pawluk gave old lady in Melbourne a bunch of flowers The random act of kindness from moved her to tears as she had a coffee in a mall […]

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