Canadian woman slammed for saying UK homes don't have central heating

Canadian woman slammed for complaining that British homes don’t have central heating, closets or dryers and says only the ‘extremely rich’ get a garage

  •  Lauren, who goes by Lauren’s Little Library, said UK homes have no cupboards
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A Canadian woman living in London has been slammed for saying British houses don’t ‘have central heating, dryers or garages’.

Lauren, who goes by Lauren’s Little Library, on TikTok usually shares book reviews to her 258,000 followers.

But her latest video has irked many Brits for her ‘completely inaccurate’ version of life in the UK.

In the clip, Lauren describes a ‘list of things in her UK home that would put north Americans into a coma’ and reels off a dozens of things she claims not to have but are common in UK homes.

‘The whole concept of a laundry room, you don’t get one here,’ she said.

Lauren, who goes by Lauren’s Little Library on TikTok said UK home have no dryers or cupboards

‘There’s no dryer, that’s right, in this wet a**country you line dry everything.

‘Everything smells like mould,’ she added.

She then walked into her conservatory and moaned that there are ‘extra letters in the world you don’t pronounce.

She then said that the room is ‘freezing in winter and boiling in summer’.

Lauren went on that ‘white goods like fridges are all tiny and useless,’ saying her fridge is smaller than her at 5 foot 4.

She added that there is ‘no central heating, just radiators’ in UK homes, baffling many commentators who said they are the same thing.

She added that there isn’t any air conditioning, and that windows have ‘no netting’ so cats and critters can just ‘wonder in’.

Confusingly she went on to explain that there are ‘no garages’ and that they ‘only exist for the richest of the rich’. 

Lauren wrongly added that UK homes don’t have central heating, only radiators

‘Front lawns become paved so they can fit one car, if they’re lucky,’ Lauren incorrectly explains. ‘Most people park on the street’.

‘What about a basement? Not in this country,’ she says.

‘Each of our outlets have an on/off switch, so if you plug something in but don’t turn it on, guess what, your s*** is not charging,’ she adds.

‘There are no outlets in bathroom, and no closets, show me one, they don’t exist,’ she added.

‘Front doors auto lock when we shut them,’ she finished.

Hundreds of baffled Brits then commented on the video confused by Lauren’s claims.

‘Literally not one of these things is accurate,’ one person wrote.

‘I don’t no where you are in the UK but I have 90 per cent  of these things and so does everyone I know,’ added another.

Hundreds of baffled Brits took to the comments to question Lauren, saying it was ‘very inaccurate’

‘I have two tumble dryers… my fridge freezer is so tall I need a ladder to reach it and I have central heating. Also garages are normal, what the hell?’ wrote one user.

‘This is a really inaccurate representation of the UK. I’ve had all of these things at one point or another, it’s personal choice most of the time!’ said one.

‘Laundry rooms are a thing, often called a utility room. We do also have tumble dryers! And not all front doors lock like yours!’ added a fifth.

‘Radiators are part of the central heating in your home. Auto lock doors are rare (and old ) we do have utility rooms (depends on your house size),’ commented one.

‘I’m confused what you meant by central heating vs radiator. Radiators are part of the central heating system which we do have in the UK…’ questioned one.

‘People don’t have dryers?I’m in UK. and never met anyone who hasn’t got a dryer?’ said another.

‘British person here living with a utility (laundry room) that has a tumble dryer, central heating, a garage, double fridge freezer & built in wardrobe,’ said one.

‘We absolutely do have tumble dyers. That’s your choice not to have one! Get one,’ said another.

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