The Hollywood Reporter named the Sussexes as ‘the least private privacy advocates’

A few weeks ago, the Hollywood Reporter published their annual list of winners & losers of the year. THR declared that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex were two of the “losers” of the year because of a “whiny Netflix documentary, a whiny biography (Spare — even the title is a pouty gripe) and an inert podcast” and that Brand Sussex had “swelled into a sanctimonious bubble just begging to be popped — and South Park was the pin.” It was truly a bizarre take from one of the leading industry magazines, and it felt like it was written by Camilla Tominey or some Daily Mail hack.

Well, it gets even more bizarre. THR has now released their “2023 Hollywood Yearbook,” the idea being that Hollywood is like high school, and that THR can hand out the yearbook superlatives. THR names Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift as the Prom King and Queen, lists Bob Iger as “Worst Homecoming Performance,” and then the magazine took yet another swipe at the Sussexes with this:

Harry and Meghan

After the Oprah Winfrey interview, the best-selling memoir, the Netflix series, and the (canceled) Spotify podcast, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex could try looking under rocks to reach the few people who haven’t yet heard their appeals to be left alone.

[From THR]

What does the Hollywood Reporter think they’re doing here? The rest of the list is much more topical and actually about what happened during the year within the industry, with the WGA and SAG strikes, the success of Barbenheimer, the Marvel bubble bursting, etc. The inclusion of the Sussexes – and in such a negative way – sticks out like a sore thumb. Beyond that, where are these “appeals to be left alone”? There was a privacy narrative, set by the palace, back in 2019-2020, but beyond that, they haven’t said anything about “wanting privacy” for years. Something really insidious is happening. Especially after Harry’s huge legal victory against the Mirror Group, a media company which hacked him and criminally invaded his privacy.

— The Hollywood Reporter (@THR) December 19, 2023

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