Robert De Niro Returns To ‘Saturday Night Live’ As Robert Mueller

Robert De Niro returned to Saturday Night Live to open the show in his recurring role as special counsel Robert Mueller on December 8, and this time around he closed in further on the president’s inner circle by paying a little visit to Eric Trump at Trump Tower.

Viewers will recall De Niro putting on his best Mueller impression during an appearance in which he confronted Kate McKinnon’s caricature of Jeff Sessions just as the ex-attorney general was packing up to clear the office for replacement Matthew Whitaker. As Deadline notes, that episode included appearances by Aidy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Beck Bennett as Mike Pence, and Mikey Day and Alex Moffat as brothers Donald Trump, Jr. and Eric. In addition to Moffat reprising his Eric impersonation, Day was back in form as Trump, Jr. in the latest airing. But as was the case the last time De Niro swung through, it would only wind up being Mueller and his latest person of interest by the end of the sketch.

“Hi Eric. Don’t be scared. It’s just me, Robert Mueller, your dad’s friend from work,” The Hill quotes De Niro’s Mueller as opening up his dialogue with Eric by stating. Prior to the legendary actor taking the stage, Moffat had been working up the shallow, dimwitted characteristics of Eric Trump’s persona that satirists often play off of. He was frightened in is bed by a lingering suspicion that something was in his closet, after Day sat beside his bed to read him a story in the embodiment of big brother Don. The worry prompted Don to come to his feet and open the closet up to show his younger brother that there was nobody inside, but sure enough, there was De Niro, looking eerily similar to the special counsel.

Soon after Day brought his Trump, Jr. act with him off of the camera, and Eric got over the hair-raising experience of turning around to find Mueller within a foot of him, he settled into a dialogue with the Russia probe prosecutor. The Mueller character mostly spoke over the Eric character’s head, making passing references to how much trouble his president-father is about to be in. It went on that way back and forth, with the younger of the two confusing Mueller’s mention of Manafort with “Mr. Pillowfort,” and mistaking George Papadopoulos for “Mr. Papa John’s Pizza.” But they eventually got around to some real talk.

The scene culminated when Eric posed that, “People say you’re the worst thing to happen to my dad,” to which De Niro’s Mueller replied: “No, Eric. Getting elected president was the worst thing that ever happened to your dad.”

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‘The Young And The Restless’ Weekly Spoilers: The Walls Close In On Nikki

The Young and the Restless spoilers for the week of December 10 through 14 bring surprises and difficulties for Genoa City’s finest as everybody prepares for the coming holiday celebrations.

Jack (Peter Bergman) gets a surprise when Billy (Jason Thompson) admits he wants Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) back despite everything that happened between them, according to She Knows Soaps. Now, Phyllis is with Nick (Joshua Morrow), but Billy thinks their relationship is merely a public relations move for Black Horse and Jabot. Jack isn’t so sure that Billy is right, though.

Speaking of Jack, he pursues Kerry (Alice Johnson) and ultimately he makes a big move and ends up romancing her under the mistletoe. Perhaps he’ll end up ringing in the new year with a brand new relationship. It’s been quite a while since Jack has had something serious going on with his love life.

As for Phyllis, she hides the fact that she met with Billy from Nick. However, when Billy makes his big plea for a reunion, Phyllis has some second thoughts about that possibility. After all, Billy did end up sleeping with her daughter Summer (Hunter King), and that’s a fact that is difficult to overlook.

Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) gets a huge shock when she wakes up next to J.T.’s bloody clothes. The walls are closing in on her, and Victor (Eric Braeden) is missing. She’s trying to throw Rey (Jordi Vilauso) off Victor’s scent, and in doing so, she decides to cozy up to his wife, Mia (Noemi Gonzalez), according to the Inquisitr. Unfortunately, Nikki faces temptation, and in the end, she loses out and falls off the wagon. Later, Mia makes trouble, which seems like something she’s incredibly good at doing.

Meanwhile, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) is surprised to see her son, Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu). Unfortunately, he’s angry about his dad, and when he finds out that Victor is the prime suspect, Reed nearly goes out of control with rage.

Fen (Zach Tinker) gets a wake-up call from his mother, Lauren (Tracey Bregman). She seems supportive of his plans to become a musician, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to live without some type of money coming in. However, when Abby (Melissa Ordway) works to get ahead, Lola (Sasha Calle) gets an opportunity to cater a private dinner for Devon (Bryton James). Fenmore also steps in to help Lola as a server, and they spend some time together, which may not be a great thing for Kyle (Michael Mealor).

Mariah (Camryn Grimes) finds herself in an awkward position. Just after she decides to break things off with Tessa (Cait Fairbanks), she gets a call that the Fab Four kidnapped Tessa and left her stranded in the woods. Mariah goes to pick up her girlfriend and is horrified at what her mother participated in, which means they have some serious issues. Ultimately, Sharon (Sharon Case) comes clean.

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Marvel Studios Thanks Fans for ‘Avengers: Endgame’ Trailer’s 24-Hour Viewing Record

The new “Avengers” movie has shattered online trailer records as 289 million film fans checked out the teaser for “Endgame” in the 24 hours since its release on Friday, December 07.

The figure bests the record set by “Avengers: Infinity War” (236 million) and “The Lion King (2019)” (224.6 million) over the same time frame.

Twitter users also helped the trailer pass the 24-hour record for all blockbuster trailers with 549,000 tweets connected to the first content release – 160,000 more than the previous record-holder, “Avengers: Infinity War”.

Thrilled Marvel Studios bosses took to Twitter on Saturday to thanks fans for tuning in. “To the greatest fans in the world, thank you for being there from the beginning until the endgame and making this the most viewed trailer in history with 289M views in 24 hours!” the company tweet read.

The new record may have been even higher had there not been a glitch, which redirected fans who wanted to see the “Avengers: Endgame” trailer to a site for the “Once Upon a Deadpool” teaser, which opens later this month.

The new “Avengers” trailer begins with Iron Man/Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr. trying to send a message to his girlfriend Pepper Potts as he floats to his death in space, while his superhero colleagues Captain America, The Hulk, and Black Widow plot to repair the devastation caused by Thanos in “Avengers: Infinity War”, wiping out half the world’s living creatures, including several Avengers.

Jeremy Renner, who plays Hawkeye in the new film, was one of those impressed with the new trailer – he tweeted: “WOW @marvelstudios this is astounding! Right…?”

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Holly Willoughby says I’m A Celebrity stint has been ‘magical’ as she presents show for the final time

She thanked her co-stars for helping making her experience of being Down Under so special after crowning Harry Redknapp King of the jungle.

Holly joined the show this year after Ant McPartlin took an extended break from the spotlight.

The 37-year-old became an instant hit with fans, with many begging her to return next year.

However it's believed this will be the final time Holly presents the show, as Ant is expected to return next year.

After the show ended, Holly opened up about how she’d found her experience of the show.

She explained: “It’s been everything and more!

“I’m so glad I had this experience without having to eat anything.

“There is nothing like this place. It is so magical.”

Viewers at home praised her “hilarious” chemistry with Dec, with one tweeting: “Holly has done a stellar job alongside Dec!”

Another commented: “Well that's it for another year but I've enjoyed watching @hollywills with @antanddec Dec she has been amazing and she is such a lovely woman. You have been incredible Holly!”

One viewer added: “Dec & Holly have been fabulous. Great chemistry.”

While a fourth told their followers: “Massive congratulations and well done to the beautiful @hollywills for absolutely smashing co-hosting with @antanddec this year!”

After the show ended, Holly praised Harry and said he was a deserved winner.

Sharing the above snap of herself with Harry and Dec, Holly wrote: “So wonderful to be able to crown the man that melted our hearts for the last three weeks.

“Congratulations King Harry! It's been the most wonderful adventure. It's been a dream, thank you for having me. Jam roly poly's all round!”

During this evening’s final, former Spurs boss Harry was crowned King of the jungle – with Emily Atack placed in second.

She broke down in tears during her final interview and revealed taking part in the show had given her confidence again.

Harry struggled to hold back his tears as he was reunited with his beloved wife Sandra, while third place John Barrowman was inconsolable as he was greeted by his husband after finishing third.

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Coronation Street's Sally Dynevor says soap saved her life after she got cancer diagnosis at same time as her character

The actress opened up to OK! mag about how the long-running show helped her deal with the devastating news in her personal life.

Speaking alongside her fifteen-year-old daughter Hattie, Sally, 55, revealed:"It was unbelievable.

"It’s a period in my life that I can’t quite believe happened.

"We always say that life mirrors art on Corrie but it was really strange.

"I just refer to it as a blip. We have to move on."

The Corrie stalwart – who has played Sally Metcalfe for 32-years – said:  "I was 46 and I always thought breast cancer happened to much older women.

"If it wasn’t for Coronation Street I never would have gone to the doctors.

"I was in total denial. I remember saying: ‘I’m sure it’s nothing, I’m sure I’m wasting your time.’"

Sally also revealed that one die-hard fan was so upset by her much-loved character's recent imprisonment that he got a tattoo saying 'Save our Sally' on his leg.

She said: "I was thinking of his poor wife. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen! It’s very nice, though. Thank you to the man who did it!’"

The 55-year-old added she's been "overwhelmed" by the support she's received which she says she finds "very touching."

The long-serving Cobbles character was jailed for four years for fraud, money laundering and bribery.

But we exclusively revealed that beloved Sally will be freed in early 2019.

Sally will leave prison after husband Tim turns detective and discovers conman Duncan Radfield is behind the £40,000 scam.

It transpires that Duncan’s wife May is not dead but living in Costa Rica, and he tricked Sally into handing over the council charity money so that he could send it to Central America.

OK! magazine is out now

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Arrowverse Crossover: 5 Best Moments From 'Elseworlds' Part 1 — Plus: How Will Oliver's Darkness Affect Barry?

“Oh, Barry, what have you done this time?”

The Arrowverse’s “Elseworlds” crossover kicked off with a body swap/quantum leap on Sunday night’s The Flash, and Oliver Queen couldn’t help but think that the scarlet speedster was behind the switcheroo. (With the amount of timeline-tampering Barry has done, it is the obvious first guess.)

The eventful first hour offered up plenty of hijinks and heartwarming exchanges. Here, we highlight five moments that made us laugh, cheer, awww or, in one case, left us concerned about a certain couple:

A QUEEN OUT OF WATER | It’s not often that the broody vigilante gets to lighten up, so seeing Oliver adjust to his strange new surroundings and speedy powers is a comedic treat. From his awkward exchanges with his “wife” Iris — “I did not get enough sleep” is one way to explain things — to his horror at learning he can’t get drunk as a speedster (“This day cannot get any worse!”), Oliver’s confusion and uneasiness is delightfully entertaining. If this is what happens when the hero is out of his element, we’re all for it!

SOMEBODY SAVE ME | After surmising that their situation might be an Earth-1 thing, Oliver and Barry visit their pal Kara on Earth-38, where she’s hanging with her cousin Clark Kent and his girlfriend Lois Lane on the Smallville farm. And what better way to introduce the setting than with the unexpected sounds of Remy Zero’s “Save Me,” aka the Smallville theme song!

PAYBACK IS A… | Remember when Oliver shot Barry with arrows during a training session in the very first crossover event? Well, Barry finally gets his revenge on the Kent farm. Oliver suspects that his friend has remote control arrows hidden in the field, but Barry reassures him that he does not. Then, when Oliver’s defenses are down, he’s struck by two arrows as Barry gleefully announces that he’s been waiting four years for that. (It was totally worth the wait!)

LIGHTNING ROD | Initially, Team Flash is not on board with Barry and Oliver’s story that they’ve somehow swapped lives. But then amid the crazy shenanigans is an incredibly tender moment between Iris and Barry, in which he tries to convince her that he’s the real deal by recounting the night that he first moved in with her and Joe after his mom’s murder. “You’re my lightning rod,” he tells Iris, and those are the words she needs to be convinced of what her heart, not her brain, is telling her is true. Speaking of “WestAllen”…

FIGHT THE DARKNESS | After seeing how embracing Oliver’s personality and abilities affects Barry — he even growls, “You have failed this city!” — Iris is concerned that the man she loves might be changing. “Promise you’ll come back to me,” she says, urging him not to become Oliver Queen. Is that request a hint of ominous things to come? Will Oliver’s darkness seep into the speedster? “There is an episode a little bit down the line where Barry deals a little bit with that,” Flash executive producer Todd Helbing told reporters at a press screening.

The exchange between Barry and Iris “just speaks to everything that they’ve experienced this year as parents for the first time, in that it really speaks to their relationship, how much they’re in love,” the EP explained. “Barry says, ‘Whatever mask I’m wearing, I’ll always reveal my true face.’ I just think it really speaks to who they are as a couple, and it sets up what they’re going to have to go through in the back half of our season.”

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James Bond’s brisk martini consumption puts him ‘well into the fatal range’

Licence to kill? More like licence to swill, according to researchers who say their study of James Bond movies reveals 007 has a "severe" drinking problem.

Close viewings of 24 Bond movies from 1962 to 2015 show the secret agent has not only been a heavy drinker for more than six decades but has also engaged in some very dangerous activity while inebriated, researchers from New Zealand's University of Otago and Oxford University say.

Shaken, not stirred: Sean Connery as James Bond.Credit:AP

In an article published in the Medical Journal of Australia on Monday, the authors say Bond's brisk downing of martinis in some films puts him "well into the known fatal range" for alcohol consumption but doesn't seem to keep him from activities such as operating nuclear power plant machinery.

"Chronic risks include frequently drinking prior to fights, driving vehicles – including in chases – high stakes gambling, operating complex machinery or devices, contact with dangerous animals, extreme athletic performance and sex with enemies, sometimes with guns or knives in the bed," lead author Professor Nick Wilson of the University of Otago said.

The authors also noted 007's drinking was not limited to his signature shaken-not stirred-Vesper martinis (he's ready to drink what's about) and scenes involving medical scans showed his liver was "'not too good".

"James Bond has a severe chronic alcohol problem. He should consider seeking professional help and find other strategies for managing on-the-job stress," the authors conclude.

The iconic spy character has been heavily researched in past, with studies looking at his smoking, violence and psychological issues.


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Harry Redknapp planning ‘jungle book’ to reveal major I’m A Celebrity secrets

Harry Redknapp is planning a “jungle book” and has scored other deals which will make much more than his £500,000 appearance fee on I’m A Celebrity.

Last night even before the series winner was announced, show sources said he was already the real winner when it came to earning power.

And former football manager Harry, 71, said: “It’s been a great experience, I’ve loved it. It’s been amazing. My mates all said ‘you’ll last two days Harry’, that I’d miss my family and football and I’m still here today. I have laughed and laughed and laughed, it’s been brilliant.

“I can’t wait to kiss Sandra and have a shower.”

Harry is set to reveal exactly what went on in camp in a new autobiography covering the past five years.

He has already written five books in the past and is expected to add a sixth with more about I’m A Celebrity and his personal life with Sandra. It is understood several publishers think it could be a bestseller and want to make offers.

Giving his high and low points from the series Harry added: “My highlight was the banquet, I’d not eaten for four days and to see that food I’d never forget that.

“I didn’t like the Dolls House task, I wasn’t crazy about that. Other than that for me to go and ruin Frank Sinatra and sing My Way in front of millions of people it has been amazing and I’ve loved every minute of it.”

Harry’s family are also winners when it comes to I’m A Celebrity – as he will shower them with christmas gifts after his jungle adventure.

Despite huge earnings Harry insists he is not too bothered about having loads in the bank .

Explaining why he is not fussed about being rich, he said in his 2014 autobiography: “I go to a hole in the wall, I’ve got a number memorised somewhere, I get £150 out, put it in my pocket and I’m happy. As long as I’ve got £150, I never worry.

“Sandra hides our bank statements most of the time. We’re paying for the grandkids to do this and that, we put some of them through school, and I don’t know the half of it. When a bill comes in that I might not like, Sandra probably pays it, then tears it up. What Harry doesn’t know won’t hurt him – that seems to be the policy. My dad wouldn’t have been any different.”

Harry, who had never watched the show before, won viewers over from the start with his brilliant anecdotes and love of his wife Sandra.

Hours before he entered camp he told the Mirror: “We were going out for four years, we’ve been married 50 years. The secret? Just find someone you love. I love being with my wife. I love every day, just being with her. I’m not embarrassed to say that. I love her so much, I’ve been very lucky. Jamie and Mark my sons say I’ve won the lottery. I think they’re right.”

In episode three he explained how he met Sandra, telling John Barrowman: “Me and my mate Macca saw these two lovely girls and I said to Macca shall we have a dance with those two.

“Macca is a good looking geezer and I look back on it now and think Sandra must have seen us both coming over and thought ‘I hope I ain’t got him’ (referring to himself) and she went for me, 54 years later we’re still going strong. And Macca ended up as an undertaker so really Sandra had the better deal in the long term.”

Campmates who left the show said he spoke of her every day as “my life” and when she was allowed briefly into camp as part of a reunion earlier this week it left Harry in tears and melted people’s hearts.

Harry also built up an unlikely friendship with Noel Edmonds when he arrived as a late entry and was Emperor in a task and chose to make Harry his advisor.

The pair got to sleep on beds in their own quarters and laughed and joked together before taking on a gruesome but memorable eating trial called Nero to zero.

After leaving the show, Noel told how he made his pal laugh saying: “Harry said ‘I didn’t laugh when I was a full-time football manager’, he said the stress and the strain and how quickly you are exposed to people hating you impacted on him and he couldn’t sleep.

Then he said ‘I became a miserable b*stard. I have not laughed this much until I met you’.

Noel also says there is an offer for the pair to make their own TV show next year if Harry wants to sign up.

But before any deals are done, Harry is expected today to tuck into some of the foods he loves but has missed out on – stew and dumplings, cheese rolls and jam roly poly which he mentioned almost daily.

Giving a farewell speech earlier this week as the evictions began, Harry said: “I’ve felt so at home here and loved every minute being around you all. There is not one person here I could say anything bad about, every one of you has been incredible to me and to each other. It’s been an unbelievable experience. I don’t understand what you are going on about but I love every one of you.”

I’m A Celebrity airs tonight on ITV at 9pm

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Ant McPartlin set to return to work in January for Britain’s Got Talent auditions after missing I’m A Celebrity and completing recovery

ANT McPartlin has been cleared to return to work next month, The Sun can reveal.

The TV superstar will start filming the auditions for Britain’s Got Talent in January and will be back hosting the live shows alongside Declan Donnelly later in the year.

Ant, 43, is also expected to be back in Australia next year to return to his co-hosting job on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here, which has been filled by Holly Willoughby this year.

Ant and Dec’s comeback as a double act comes after McPartlin took eight months off work after crashing his car in a drink drive incident.

A source close to the star said: “Ant has completed his recovery and ITV has decided he is ready to be back at work for Britain’s Got Talent filming, which starts next month.

“It’s been an incredible difficult two-year period but he has been entirely focused on turning his life around in order to return to work.

"ITV is very excited about Ant and Dec being reunited – but Ant’s recovery has been everyone’s first priority.”

Ant’s troubles – which included a battle with drug addition – forced him to miss the live Britain’s Got Talent episodes last year and also the entire series of I’m A Celebrity, which saw This Morning host and close friend Willoughby step in.

Next year’s series of Saturday Night Takeaway, which requires lots of filming before the series starts on air, has also been cancelled in order to allow Ant more time for his recovery.

Ant was spotted smiling while walking his beloved dog Hurley in West London hours before Dec and Holly hosts the I’m A Celeb final.

He has split from wife Lisa Armstrong and found love again with Anne-Marie Corbett, his former assistant.

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Strictly Come Dancing fans vow to vote Ashley Roberts off next after she narrowly escapes the boot for a third time

Viewers let their fury be known after the former Pussycat Doll was saved by the judges in favour of Lauren Steadman in tonight's semi-final.

The 37-year-old ex-pop star – who has faced criticism she has an unfair advantage due to her previous dance training – narrowly avoided getting the boot this evening.

Along with the 25-year-old Paralympic athlete, she received the fewest votes from the public despite scoring a clean sweep of 10s in last night's episode.

She wowed the judges with her second performance in the dance off, and they chose to send her through to next week's grand final.

However, viewers weren't quite so impressed and vowed that she would place fourth after Stacey Dooley, Joe Sugg and Faye Tozer.

They took to Twitter to warn her that they weren't happy about the judges' decision and that the public would be deciding her fate next.

One wrote: "Public vote is final. Ashley's f*****."

Another commented: "Hopefully the public vote counts 100% next week and Ashley is out of the scene early. #Strictly"

A third shared: "When will the judges realise that the public don’t like #Ashley. At least next week is down to the public and not the judges #strictly"

It comes as Strictly fans slammed the judges' decision to save Ashley in favour of Lauren in the dance off.

Viewers branded the semi-final result a "fix" as the ex-Pussycat Doll made it through to the final while the Paralympic athlete was eliminated from the popular BBC One dance show.

Tonight's episode saw both women forced to compete for a second time after receiving the fewest votes.

After their performances, Craig Revel Horwood, Darcey Bussell, Shirley Ballas and Bruno Tonioli ultimately gave the former pop star, 37, another chance for her impressive American smooth with dance partner Pasha Kovalev.

Lauren was seen looking saddened as she stood beside dance partner AJ Pritchard as the verdict was revealed.

It appears viewers – some of whom have previously criticised the decision for trained-dancer Ashley to appear in the show – shared her disappointment.

Those watching at home took to Twitter to complain as soon as they heard Ashley was in the bottom two and said Lauren was bound to go.

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