Kingston police arrest 5th man on child pornography charges

Kingston police have arrested and charged a fifth man for allegedly accessing child pornography.

This comes after a string of arrests in November, when four men were arrested in Kingston and charged with making or accessing child pornography.

Kingston police are involved in an ongoing Internet Child Exploitation project to monitor file-sharing networks associated with child pornography.

Back in mid-October, police said a computer connected to a file-sharing network was matched to a Kingston IP address, and what police believed to be child pornography files were captured from the computer.

On Nov. 19, Kingston police received authority from a judge to identify the subscriber of the internet service and found that a Kingston address was listed.

On Dec. 5, police executed a search warrant at the subscriber’s home and police say several digital and storage devices were seized, on which police found files believed to be child pornography.

The 33-year-old accused was present during the search and was arrested.

The Kingston man was charged with making child pornography available, possessing child pornography and accessing child pornography. Police are still examining the multiple devices seized from the home.

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