Corrie Ryan star teases ‘conflict is on horizon’ as he opens up on Daisy romance

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    Coronation Street star Ryan Prescott revealed there is "conflict" ahead as Ryan's romance with Daisy was taken to the next level.

    During Tuesday's episode (October 17) of the ITV soap, Ryan broke down and confessed to Daisy (Charlotte Jordan) that he had been taking steroids. Later, Ryan bravely revealed his face during a livestream video on his fitness account, opening up to his followers and showing them his scars from the acid attack.

    After watching the video, Daisy praised Ryan on his bravery before gently kissing him on his scarred cheek, then on the lips. Ryan responded and they start kissing passionately. The pair eventually slept together, but Daisy was left riddled with guilt.

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    It became clear Daisy felt awful for cheating on Daniel (Rob Mallard) and worried about facing up to her fiancé knowing what she had done. Ryan and Daisy were then both filled with panic as Daniel banged on the door.

    This is just the beginning for the trio, as Ryan exclusively told Daily Star at the Inside Soap Awards. The 34-year-old teased: "There are things in line that get quite difficult and there is conflict on the horizon."

    Opening up on the bond shared between Ryan and Daisy, the actor added: "There's something there. When you've been through such a trauma like the acid attack storyline, it breathes a silent bond and I think that's always going to be there between the two characters. I think that has the potential to go somewhere, I'm not sure where but definitely somewhere."

    The soap star also touched upon Ryan's current steroids storyline, admitting the writers have succeeded in keeping him on his toes. Ryan said: "It's one of those things that came out of nowhere.

    "The writers through in a massive left turn with the steroids as well. I think the writers have kept it fresh and imaginative, they've kept me on my toes and I think that's all you can ask as an actor on a soap."

    During Wednesday's episode of the ITV soap, Lauren wastes no time quizzing Ryan about his relationship with Daisy. Ryan insists she's just a friend, however, Lauren reveals she knows he slept with Daisy.

    Lauren demands £1000 to buy her silence, all while refusing to tell Ryan why she needs the cash. Ryan then reveals all to a stunned Daisy who promises to come up with the cash.

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