Biggest movie psychos – bunny-boiling woman scorned to roommate from hell

Psycho bosses are being blamed for the downturn in corporate business fortunes.

Head honchos with manipulative minds are driving good, worn-out people out of jobs while they further things for their own benefit, as we revealed earlier this week. Professor Clive Boddy called for a war on “corporate psychopathy” and ruthlessly self-serving bosses who manipulate workers and ruin businesses for their own gain.

The management expert at Anglia Ruskin University said psychos in power caused the 2008 financial crisis. He warned: “They tend to be seen as stars by those above them because they are so good at impression management, whereas their subordinates tend to think they’re the devil in a suit." Here KIM CARR takes a look at 10 iconic screen psychopaths…

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Gordon Gekko

Off screen he’s a ladies’ man who wooed Catherine Zeta-Jones but in 1987 flick Wall Street, Michael Douglas steeled his gaze perfectly as financier Gordon Gekko.

Using charm to get his own way, the character was also a tyrant when things didn’t go according to his plan.

Jordan Belfort

Same street, different psycho… Leonardo DiCaprio suited up as Jordan Belfort in The Wolf Of Wall Street. His stockbroker rattled through a seedy combo of drugs, sex and money showing psychopathic traits along the way.

The Joker

Fearless, thrill-seeking and missing the empathy gene, comic book character The Joker was brought to life in The Dark Knight in such a psychotic way the role seriously affected the mental health of Heath Ledger. The Aussie actor, who battled insomnia, died from an overdose before the movie was released.

Norman Bates

Anthony Perkins brought Alfred Hitchcock’s Norman Bates to the screen in the 1960 horror movie Psycho, which features the most famous shower scene of all time. It’s revealed Bates has a split personality of the mother he bumped off years earlier.

Alex Forrest

Bunny-boiling Alex Forrest was more than a woman scorned in 1987’s Fatal Attraction. Glenn Close took the character’s psychopathic reaction to being shunned after an affair with a married man (Michael Douglas’ Dan Gallagher) to knife-wielding, next-level status.

Patrick Bateman

What first appears to be envy takes a dark turn in American Psycho when investment banker Patrick Bateman turns to murdering colleagues who rub him up the wrong way with their boasts. A model ends up with her severed head in his freezer and Christian Bale’s portrayal in the 2000 film, based on the 1991 novel by Bret Easton Ellis, earned him plaudits.

Catherine Tramell

Using her sexual charms to manipulate, Catherine Tramell was a game-playing psychopath played by Sharon Stone in 1992’s Basic Instinct. Writing murder novels which she brings to life, the film is famously remembered for the saucy leg uncrossing scene where Sharon was not wearing pants.

Anton Chigurh

Spanish actor Javier Bardem earned an Oscar, Bafta and Golden Globe for getting under the skin of psychopath Anton Chigurh in the 2007 film adaptation of No Country For Old Men. The Journal of Forensic Scientists also called his acting the most realistic film depiction of a psychopath as he calmly killed or tried to bump off everyone he met in the film.

Hedra Carlson

Chilling the bones of anyone who has ever shared a flat, Hedra Carlson was the roommate from hell in Single White Female. Adopting the look and persona of her object of affection Allie, she moved in with the character, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh, killed a puppy and murdered Allie’s boyfriend with a stiletto heel through his eye.

Hans Beckert

A psycho who preys on girls, Hans Beckert (Peter Lorre) whistled his way through a spate of murders in the 1931 thriller M.

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