Why do referees wear gloves in boxing? | The Sun

BOXING referees are often spotted wearing gloves when in the ring.

The rubber gloves are different to those players wear, so why do do the referees wear them?

Why do referees wear gloves in Boxing?

Referees wear gloves to prevent the transmission of contagious diseases. The rule was brought in during 1987, eight years after the discovery of AIDS.

The disease can be caught from blood and other bodily fluids, which referees can be covered in after brutal fights.

However, the referees faces are often seen covered in blood, so the gloves don't go far in protecting them.

Has a referee ever been hurt in the ring?

A boxing referee has previously been KO'd with a punch to the chest by a fighter.

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Mexican Jesus Granados was hurt after fighter Irvin Turrubiartes missed his opponent and landed a right hook on the referee's solar plexus.

Granados initially stayed on his feet but had to be stretchered out after doctors took a look at him.

What is the risk of a referee contracting a disease in the ring?

The risk of a ref catching a disease from a fighter today is almost impossible. Athletes must pass several medical tests to be able to fight, including HIV, Hepatitis A, B and C and Fungus tests.

These make it incredibly hard for a referee or opponent to catch a disease from the fight.

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