Five biggest bathroom renovation mistakes, according to an architect

I’m an architect – here are five things to avoid when renovating your bathroom

  • In a TikTok, Georgina Wilson warned never to make these bathroom mistakes 
  • The top architect from Sydney shared how to make the most of a small space 
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A top architect has shared the worst mistakes homeowners can make when renovating their bathrooms. 

Georgina Wilson, from Sydney, has more than two decades of experience in home design, and has seen many clients making mistakes that could cost them to fix in the future. 

In a TikTok video titled: ‘5 things I’d never do as an architect: Small bathroom edition,’ the architect details how to make the most out of a small space.  

Sharing to her 122,600 followers, her first suggestion is to never use an inward opening door.

A top Australian architect has shared five mistakes homeowners make when renovating their small bathrooms 

Georgina Wilson told her 122,600 followers that she would never use an inward facing door or place the toilet in the path of entry 

According to the architect, this design could make your small bathroom feel all the more cramped. 

She said: ‘It’s much more space efficient to either use a pocket sliding door or an outward opening door.’

Georgina advised her followers to never include both a bath and a shower, so followers will have to choose between relaxation and space. 

She explained: ‘Having a generous shower tends to keep the room looking open and spacious.’

Her third point has divided followers slightly, as she advised to never install heated flooring.

She said: ‘There is just not enough dry floor space in a very small bathroom to make it worth your while.’

While it may seem impossible to avoid, Georgina advised: ‘Never locate the toilet directly in the path of entry. 

She added: ‘Set up a vanity or a window as a main view upon entering the bathroom.’

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Another popular renovation choice the expert warned against, was fixing your toilet brush to the wall. 

She explained: ‘You’ll undoubtedly want to throw it in the bin at some stage.

‘The built-in holders are overly fussy and committed. Do you really want unnecessary holes in your carefully waterproofed beautifully tiled walls?

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Since it was posted, the popular video has raked in 824,000 views and viewers are divided on the advice. 

While some have praised the architect for her ‘good points’, others have strongly disagreed with her methods.  

‘Disagree with the underfloor heating. Always worth it,’ one wrote.

A second user said: ‘Parents of young children would disagree about the bathtub.’ 

One impassioned user wrote: ‘I disagreed, then disagreed, then disagreed! Sounds like finding the right Architect is an essential part of the process. 

Meanwhile, one observant user commented: ‘I’ve never actually seen a bathroom with an outward opening door.’ 

After much demand, Georgina posted a part 2 to her video. In the TikTok she shared more useful advice, including never to use more than one tile type and never to use bulky vanity units. 

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