Exclusive: Watch opening scene of ‘The Blacklist,’ as Red shows amateurs how to rob a bank

If you want to rob a bank the right way, Raymond “Red” Reddington may be just the guide for you.

Reddington (James Spader), the criminal genius at the center of the NBC drama, which begins its sixth season Jan. 3 (10 EST/PST) with a two-part opener, advises a team of inept bank robbers on how to make a clean getaway in a rousing opening scene, available exclusively at USA TODAY.

The black-clad robbers, organized and unafraid of using violence, are taken aback when an unassuming man refuses to follow their instruction to lie on the floor. That man is Red and. as fate would have it, he’s on his sixth scouting trip for his own planned robbery of the bank at a later date. (If that sounds familiar, Woody Allen comedically explored the etiquette of stickup gangs competing to rob the same bank in 1969’s “Take the Money and Run.”)

The robbers are after a big money haul, but Red, intriguingly, just wants a safe-deposit box.  How the content of that box plays into the Season 6 narrative, which follows up on the revelation that Spader’s Red isn’t the real Reddington, remains to be seen.

A Season 6 description hints at future revelations: Throughout the season, Red will lead FBI agent Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) to compelling new criminals while the two “engage in an uneasy cat-and-mouse game in which lines will be crossed and the truth will be revealed.”

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