A Brief History of Celebrities Getting Silly at Art Basel: Miami

It's that time of year again—when the temperature dips below a certain habitable degree, and all of your favorite celebrities manage to appear in Miami for the annual Art Basel celebration. Ever since the early aughts, pop culture icons and collectors alike turn the marketplace into one huge party at night, others use the week as an opportunity to catch some rays on the beach (will we ever find out why Lenny Kravitz wore shoes while traipsing across the Miami sand?), and others really do their part to take in the sights and assess the artwork (like Venus Williams did in 2010). Now when you take a look at who shows up to Art Basel, you've got your models, your DJs, your designers-turned-DJs, and just about every influencer who can manage to fly the coop for a quick jaunt to the sandy beaches of Miami for the long weekend. Basically, if you're going to Art Basel you can't be afraid to cut loose and look a little silly while doing so. Besides, it's not really an Art Basel function until Paris Hilton, a fixture of the event since 2006, shows up to party, now is it?

Before she moved to Mykonos, Lindsay Lohan was appreciating the art in Miami in 2013.

Pamela Anderson immersed herself in the art at Art Basel Miami in 2008.

Cardi B turned up at a Moschino party with Jeremy Scott at Art Basel Miami in December 2017.

Drake rolled around in a golf cart after his performance during Art Basel in 2017.

Iggy Pop naturally performed shirtless at an Art Basel Miami party with The Stooges in 2007.

Solange, who was spinning at an Art Basel Miami party in 2011, ran into her friend Janelle Monáe behind the DJ booth.

Adrian Grenier took to the beach to answer what could only be some important work emails under an umbrella at Art Basel Miami in 2013.

Diddy did not let an injured arm stop him from showing up to Art Basel Miami in 2011.

Lenny Kravitz opted for a pair of silver boots to wear while traipsing the beach at Art Basel Miami, instead of going barefoot, in 2013.

The first Paris Hilton Art Basel Miami appearance took place in 2006, just four years after the inaugural Miami Beach show.

Venus Williams assessed the art—while wearing a pair of fur-trimmed boots in the tropical locale—during Art Basel Miami in 2010.

Rosario Dawson and Young Paris partied together in the evening at Art Basel Miami in 2016.

Muhammad Ali gave Will Smith some bunny ears at Art Basel Miami in 2013, just two years after Smith portrayed the iconic boxer in Ali.

Before she became a Cool Mom, Slick Woods partied at Art Basel Miami in 2017 with Jeremy Scott.

Of course Beyoncé and Jay-Z have made a pilgrimage or two to Art Basel Miami. This one took place in 2008.

Pharrell performed at an Art Basel Miami party in 2010.

Faye Dunaway was very excited to pose in front of some Fernando Botero paintings at Art Basel Miami in 2008.

Before landing at the helm of Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh performed a DJ set at Art Basel Miami in 2014.

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