Mrs Hinch fan says SHAVING her bobbly clothes has made them fuzz-free – and other mums are going wild for it – The Sun

THERE's nothing worse than seeing a sweatshirt or jumper covered in bobbles – especially when it it happens to your child's school uniform.

Fed up with battling the annoying fuzz on her son's jumpers and determined not to have to splash out on new ones, one mum searched high and low for the best bobble removing products on the market.

Though she was disappointed by the results from using Bobble Off, the woman decided to have a go removing them with a razor.

She was so impressed by the method that she took to Facebook to share her findings with others.

Writing on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, the woman explained, "I have 2 sons aged 5 & 9 and their uniform still fits from last year.

"It’s not discoloured, just bobbly. I bought the JML Bobble Off and it took me over an hour to do one and to be honest it didn’t look great after.

"So my partner suggested to shave it using a razor! It’s so quick and looks so much better.
Just thought I’d share to see if it can save anyone else some money too!

"The price of uniform seems to go up and up every year!"

Others quickly chimed in, agreeing that running a razor over bobbles was the most effective way to make clothes look brand new again.

A woman admitted: "Been doing this for years, it's great."

Another gushed: "Thank you for sharing. My cushions are bobbly and didn't know what to use."

Other who have used the method urged anyone giving it a go to exercise caution and care.

"I have used this method, but be careful it is easy to make a hole," one woman advised.


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