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WITH the cost-of-living crisis causing energy prices to soar, people are desperately trying to find affordable ways to keep warm this winter.

So, if you're hoping to ditch the heating for a cheaper alternative, then you're in luck…because a woman who has lived without heating for four years has revealed her top money-saving tips.

Klaire De Lys, from the UK, took to TikTok (@klairedelysofficial) and begins by hihglighting the importance of stocking up on blankets.

"If you think you have enough blankets, no, you don't – go and buy more blankets," she says.

Next, Klaire recommends investing in some wool socks – adding that she's been wearing the same pair for over seven years.

"They're incredibly warm – even in summer when it gets really hot, because they breathe well, that sweat doesn't end up staying around your foot and making it more manky," she explains.



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"They are really, really good, and just the normal socks from Matalan, they're okay, but I find that they tend to get holes very, very easily.

"So if you can afford it, get wool socks. If you can't afford it, anything is better than nothing."


But perhaps Klaire's most surprising suggestion is to purchase yourself some fingerless gloves.

"Some people really like ones which cover all your fingers," she says.

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"But I personally hate that because I find that when my fingers are covered, I lose my sense of balance….I have no idea why this is, it's just a thing.

"So I really like the fingerless ones….but have two or three pairs because what you're going to find is that when you're wearing them day in and day out, you're going to get holes in them."

Moving on, the money-saving whizz also advises buying yourself "candles, candles and more candles," but not any old ones – Klaire insteadrecommends getting smokeless, unscented candles.

"If you're going to be buying candles, buy stuff which burns for at least 6 hours," she explains.

"And do try and go for smokeless, because it does make a massive difference when it comes to the air quality…."

She continues: "One thing I do want to point out with the candles is to try and go for unscented.

"Have a nice candle which has got a nice scent that maybe has a really nice warm smell just to cheer you up, but do not mix your scented candles because what you're going find is it's just going to make you want to throw up after a few hours.

"And especially if you're very sensitive when it comes to your sense of smell, you're not going to be having a fun time!"

Klaire is also a huge fan of hot water bottles when it comes to keeping warm, and points out that there's two different types she likes – the regular ones and the longer ones.

She urges parents with kids or pets to always buy a protective cover, but notes that for responsible adults, you can wrap a cheap rubber hot water bottle in a towel or jumper.

"That will save you a little bit of money that you can spend on other things that you will need to keep warm," she explains.

"Have about two hot water bottles per person. That way you can have one for your chest and one for your feet….

"I've bought them from Poundland, I've bought them from Home Bargains, I bought them from Asda, Tesco's it doesn't really matter.

"They're all just as good as each other!"

The money-saving whizz also recommends purchasing two fleecy hoodies so that one can be in the wash when it's dirty and the other one can be worn.

She adds: "And try and get the bigger the better if you can so it goes all the way down to your feet – that's even better!"

Despite being pricey, Klaire notes that a wool duvet is also worth the hefty price tag.

"Yes you've got the regular ones and they're quite nice, but a wool duvet, even though it's really, really expensive – I think I paid about £70 for this duvet – it's going to make the difference between being cold when you get in bed and being really nice and snug very, very quickly.

"It's an investment, but it's an investment that's going to pay off every winter, especially now."

She goes on to say to make sure you also have things like hats, scarves, gloves and snoods.

"I really like snoods, and it's like a fabric ring that just goes around your neck," she says.

"I prefer this to scarves, because with scarves, you're constantly adjusting it and it's coming loose and you're just not as warm, rather than the snood, which just sits around your neck."

However, Klaire points out that if you don't have the money for it and you need to make do with what you've got, you can make a snood out of old sleeves or old leggings.

The post has since gone viral, garnering a whopping 28k views and several comments from grateful homeowners up and down the country.

"People underestimate the power of curtains. I've had friends complain about the cold with absolutely bare windows. Add thermal liners from Dunelm too," wrote one.

A second penned: "The whole candle idea is great. Kicking myself for not thinking about it."

A third commented: "Also the fleece lined leggings from Primark are amazing! I wear them under everything."

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Meanwhile, a fourth added: "Thermals! Fleece lined leggings. Leave oven door open when finished cooking!"

A further chimed in: "Cotton gloves that are usually worn for lotion etc are brilliant for wearing underneath as an extra layer, I have Raynauds & have been a life saver."

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