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A FASHION fan has told how she got the worst Shein haul of her "entire existence" – saying she's not impressed with ANY of the items.

Robyn, who posts on TikTok as @robynmcmanus, posted a clip of clothing she bought for the summer.

But when she tried on the outfits she wasn't sure if she liked them.

In the caption she wrote: "Shein try on haul, honestly not sold on aaaaany of these, let me know if any are worth keeping."

The shopper explained that she ordered the clothing in the video in a size large.

Firstly she tried on a green matching co-ord set consisting of a short-sleeved button up shirt and shorts.

Robyn styled the set with a white t-shirt underneath, wearing the shirt open.

She then tried on another co-ord that she bought in a size medium.

This set consists of an oversized t-shirt in a hot pink shade and a pair of matching cycling shorts.

And she liked this outfit, saying: "I'm gonna keep that, cause that's just grand."

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But when she tried on a third co-ord set, Robyn wasn't sure about the outfit.

Posing in a light grey button-up shirt and a pair of shorts in the same colour, she paired the outfit with a sports bra.

The fashion fan said: "I can't tell about this one now at all."

Robyn then tried on another matching set, this time featuring an olive green shirt and a pair of trousers the same colour.

But she wasn't sure if she liked how the co-ord looked when she saw it in the video.

Sharing a snippet of the outfit, she said: "I can't explain this one, but in the mirror this looks so good to me, but in the camera it looks so s**t."


The fashion fan bought a stunning multicoloured shirt, styling it with a pair of denim jeans.

She said: "I love this shirt, but I have no idea what the f**k to do with it.

"Cause I still feel like I have too much of a gut in jeans."

Robyn then tried on a dress she bought to wear to work, but she was really disappointed with how it looked on.

She said: "I got this dress for work and I think it makes me look f*****g huge.

"Ahhhhh! This is like the worst Shein haul of my f*****g entire existence."

The fashion fan bought another co-ord set and loved how it looked – but the shorts wouldn't zip up.

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She tried on the abstract black and white matching shirt and skirt, saying: "I love this little co-ord, however, it won't f*****g close.

"But I think that is absolutely f*****g gorg. But it doesn't fit!"

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