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A WOMAN has been called 'selfish' for stockpiling a laundry item on sale for 47p.

The woman showed off her giant haul of laundry detergent – but said she had a good reason to clear the shelves.

Posting a picture of the 47p bargain on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group.

The woman purchased 48 bottles of Surf's Winter Warmth laundry detergent, leaving people stunned.

She wrote: "Surf winter warmth 47p Wilkos."

People in the comments section were quick to call the woman 'selfish' and accused her of clearing the shelves.


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One wrote: "No point telling anyone near you cause there's clearly none left!"

Another person remarked: "I thought this site was to help people with a bargain in their area. Not tell us there is a bargain then take all the product so the bargain is no more lol. People are selfish and this is what is wrong in the world."

But the woman revealed she went into the store with colleagues, and there was plenty left on the shelf.

She wrote: "Just so everyone is aware all of those bottles aren’t belonging to me my colleagues also bought some so I just thought it would be fun to take a photo of everyone’s bargains & fyi there was still plenty left on the shelf for others after we all bought a few each…..

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"If you can’t be nice please don’t comment….ty.'

However, people couldn't help themselves from sharing their grievances over the haul.

One wrote: "There should be a 'limit' on how many you can buy…"

Another commented: "Nice bargain. Not sure you need that many though."

A third wrote: "Omg why can't people just be happy for someone getting a bargain?"

"Because there’s quite a lot purchased – I think that’s the issue," one replied.

However many people praised the woman for her finds and said they would have cleared the shelf.

Another wrote: "Bloody fab bargain! Everyone would’ve got what they could’ve so good for you!"

"Well done. That will save you a fair bit," penned one person.

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