I asked my nail tech for a glam pink design… now my nails look like toothpaste & nothing like I wanted

GETTING YOUR nails done is meant to be a treat, right?

But there's nothing worse than leaving a salon feeling disappointed with the finished result.

If you have ever had your nails done before, it’s likely that you might have looked online first to get some inspiration for the kind of design you want, before you hit the salon.

And that’s just what 18-year-old Stephanie Swinehart did, but unfortunately, things didn’t quite go to plan.

Stephanie wanted a glam acrylic manicure, with two different shades of pink. 

Stephanie had seen the pretty swirl design online and was excited for her nails to replicate the image she found.

But when she visited the nail salon and showed the nail technician the picture, it’s safe to say she had other ideas.

Stephanie revealed that the nail artist insisted that rather than two shades of pink, she should get pink and green instead.

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Stephanie let the nail technician work her magic, but was not impressed with the results.

She uploaded the video to TikTok with the caption ‘I asked for 2 pinks and she kept pointing to green so it was pink and green’. 

In the video we see a picture of the nails that Stephanie asked for, followed by what she actually got.

And it’s safe to say that they look completely different. 

Not only this, but what was meant to be a nude base was actually painted white.

This base, paired with pink and green swirls, has got many people laughing, with many TikTokers pointing out their comparison to toothpaste. 


Stephanie’s video has clearly got many people in hysterics as it has racked up a whopping 232.9k views. 

It has 36.5k likes, 139 comments and 35 shares. 

One person said: “Looks like toothpaste.” 

Another added: “Pretty sure I’ve had that same toothpaste.” 

A third commented: “That’s the watermelon toothpaste i used to use when I was little!!” 

Another joked: “Ohh that’s where my Aquafresh toothpaste went.”

Meanwhile, I asked my nail tech for a cute pastel design but they’re so bad people can’t believe I paid money for them.

Also, I paid for a glam French manicure but got nails that look like Drumstick Squashies – it’s so embarrassing.

As well as this, I asked my nail tech for a glam marble design – but they’re so bad people think they look like sperm.

If that wasn't enough, I asked my nail tech for a modern design but now my nails look like hot dogs – people can’t believe I actually paid.

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