Holly Willoughby posts cute snap of her son’s cuddly rabbit collection – but can you spy something special about it?

HOLLY Willoughby shared an adorable photo of her four-year-old son Chester's toy rabbits – but can you spot a secret among them?

Because fans of the This Morning host believe there weren't just cuddly toys.

Right in the middle, looking cute as a button, they think there was a real bunny.

Holly captioned the cute picture: "Chester's nearest and dearest."

One fan wrote: "Is that a real rabbit in the middle?"

Another added: "LOL, I had to double take."

A third said: "Yes I thought so as well."

If they are right the brown and white lop-eared bun is so well disguised it took a while for people to spot him or her.

And other mums admitted their kids loved rabbits too.

One said: "Stop! Thought I was the only one! We have a bunny collection, a turtle collection and a panda collection."

Yesterday Holly hilariously revealed she had to check away a pair of knickers after filming Celebrity Juice.

The 38-year-old admitted: "After a game we played on Celebrity Juice last night I actually had to throw my kickers in the bin, which is a first."

Her casual statement had shocked This Morning co-host Phillip Schofield, who roared: "You what?"

Celebrity Juice newbie Stacey Solomon, who was on the line from the Loose Women studio, said: "It was gross."

Holly added: "I'll explain that, because it sounds really odd. It was a game involving big pockets and we had to fill our pockets with stuff. Mine involved a big breakfast."

"OK," 56-year-old Phillip replied, laughing. "Knickers in the bin time."

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