Kanye still thinks he and Kim will get back together, plus more celeb love news

Wonderwall.com is taking a look back at the stars who found love, suffered heartbreak or experienced some other major event in their love lives in late February and early March 2020, starting with this shocker… “Entertainment Tonight” reported on March 2 that, according to a source, Kanye West “has hope” that he and estranged wife Kim Kardashian West — who filed for divorce in mid-February — “will reconcile” eventually, though “he is not expecting that in the immediate future.” The source added that “the divorce has been difficult for him,” though “knowing that he has access to his little ones and has split custody is making the transition easier.” The mother of four, however, feels “absolutely relieved” to be putting the marriage behind her. “She is happy to see that chapter close. She knows that it is what is healthiest for her and her family and she is ready to put this hardship behind her both publicly and personally,” said the insider. “Kim has had her moments of feeling overwhelmed as a mom, of course, but the fact that her family has been so unified and supported her through this difficult time has made things so much easier for her to process. … [She] has also made it a point to keep herself busy. She is not interested in dating right now and is focused on her family and healing the situation.”

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Is Mary-Kate Olsen moving on from her recent divorce from Olivier Sarkozy with Brightwire CEO John Cooper? The duo sparked romance rumors when they stepped out for dinner in New York City with another couple on Feb. 26. (See photos here.) Said an E! News source of the businessman and the former child star, “It definitely looks like they are dating. There was a lot of flirting going on between Mary-Kate and John. They were constantly looking over and smiling at each other.” According to an “Entertainment Tonight” source — who couldn’t say for sure if MK and John are an item — she’s been casually dating since the summer and is increasingly comfortable with the idea of getting into a new relationship now that her divorce has been finalized. The insider added that the fashion designer is a “romantic at heart” who “loves being in a relationship” and that John is her type. “You’ll never catch her with a Hollywood type,” said the source. “She has no time for people interested in chasing the limelight.” Said an Us Weekly source of John, “He’s not affected by fame and fortune because he does well himself. Business is attractive to him — if he’s doing well, he would want to date someone who is also doing well in their career.” Another Us Weekly source said that Mary-Kate and the entrepreneur “seem like a good match.” 

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On Feb. 26, E! News reported that, according to a source, Chrishell Stause and Keo Motsepe — who went public with their romance in December — called it quits “very recently,” and although there was a possibility “they may get back together,” it seemed unlikely at the time. Added a source close to the “Selling Sunset” star, “They had a fun time together but, in the end, decided it would be best if they part ways. They are still friendly and cordial. It wasn’t a messy breakup, just wasn’t the right fit or right timing.” A third source described the breakup as “mutual” and noted that the duo “are still friendly.” But then People magazine painted a slightly different picture of the breakup, reporting that Keo was left “heartbroken” by the split. “He enjoyed his time with Chrishell and was 100% in it,” said a source. “He’s had a tough time with his mom’s [unexpected death in January], but he really wanted to make his relationship with Chrishell last.” Echoed an Us Weekly source, “She broke up with him earlier this week. There were multiple things that led to the breakup. Keo’s super-upset over this and still trying to process it.” Those reports didn’t sit well with Chrishell, who hit back on her Instagram Story, writing, “Ok I TRULY wanted to keep this drama-free, but playing the victim and bringing your mom into it is a step too far for me. Taking the high road is overrated sometimes!! I was also 100% in it as well, until revelations told to me recently have made me question if [Keo] could even order a coffee without lying.” She then shared a link to an article titled “Liar, Liar: How to Break Free from Habitual Lying.” After a fan wrote that Chrishell couldn’t be sure if the People magazine and Us Weekly sources were sharing “an accurate representation of [Keo’s] feelings,” she wrote back on her Instagram Story, “I gathered all the facts before I posted. Don’t worry. I know exactly where [the quotes] came from.” But that wasn’t the end of it. When another follower called Chrishell “childish” for responding to the drama publicly, she wrote, “Yes I am aware. If I end up alone with cats — it was worth it. But I am also human and not a robot. When you are the [jerk] in the breakup & then the other person tries to let you save face and take the high road publicly… probably best not to poke a bear holding receipts.” She later made it clear that she wouldn’t be sharing details regarding Keo’s alleged lies. Explained a second Us Weekly source, “Keo was caught in a web of lies. … He’s not denying the fact that he lied to her and is truly ashamed about something he did. … He genuinely loved her but made a big mistake.” Chrishell posted the Us Weekly report on her Instagram Story, writing that she appreciates “this truthful, non-manipulative change of tone.” Wrote the reality star, “Was I messy? Yes. … Let my mess be a lesson to CALL OUT BULL.” She then called her impassioned response “the peace” her “bitter [self] needed.”

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On Feb. 28 — after paparazzi caught Jessie J looking cozy with dancer Max Pham Nguyen during an outdoor lunch in Los Angeles — the singer took to Instagram to confirm they’re an item in the caption of a slideshow of sweet snaps from throughout their burgeoning romance. After complaining that the paparazzi pics (see them here) had her “looking like an old man who owns a boat, basically [the dad of Lord Farquaad from ‘Shrek’] growing out an old haircut,” Jess explained that she and Max thought the world “deserved some better picture options.” The “Price Tag” chart-topper then joked that she was saving the paparazzi from “hiding in cars and bushes.” In case there were any lingering doubts about their relationship status, she concluded of Max, “Ps. He isn’t my male pal.”

On Feb. 28, Cole Sprouse was snapped holding hands with Montreal-based model Ari Fournier in Vancouver. It was the first indication there’s a new woman in the “Riverdale” star’s life.

In her new documentary “Billie Eilish: The World’s a Little Blurry” — which debuted on Apple TV+ on Feb. 26 — Billie Eilish reveals she had a secret boyfriend: rapper 7:AMP, who’s five years her senior. (His real name is Brandon Quention Adams, though she refers to him as Q in the film.) They seemingly dated from late 2018 through mid-2019 but split after he became “really weird and distant.” Things between them took a turn after Valentine’s Day when he went on a trip with his friends instead of spending time with her, leaving her feeling “lonely” and “miserable.” Recalled the Grammy winner, “I was just like, ‘You know what, have fun, don’t worry about me, I’m miserable, and I miss you, and I wish you would talk to me, and I have no one else to talk to.'” Things got worse after Billie invited the rapper to come hang out with her when she performed at Coachella in 2019. “I said, ‘I’m getting you tickets for this, and the deal is that you have to spend time with me. … You have to see me if I’m going to let you come for free.’ Haven’t seen him in two and a half days,” she recalled. Later, Billie explained what went wrong: “I didn’t want the same things he wanted and I don’t think that’s fair — for him,” she said. “I don’t think you should be in a relationship, super-excited about certain things that the other person couldn’t care less about. I don’t think that’s fair to you. I didn’t think it was fair to him.” She later added, “There was just a lack of effort, I think. I literally was just like, ‘Dude, you don’t even have enough love to love yourself, you can’t love me — and you don’t.'” She didn’t immediately move on following their split. “I didn’t stop having love for him. I just, like, spent time away from him for a little bit and I was like, ‘Wow. I’m missing so much because I’m worried about you all the time,'” she recalled. 

The Blast reported on March 2 — more than a month after Alice Evans publicly revealed that husband Ioan Gruffudd “announced he is to leave his family” — that the “Fantastic Four” star filed for divorce in Los Angeles. (It’s unclear if the former couple of two decades had a prenup in place or if the “Vampire Diaries” alum will be asking for child or spousal support.) Alice responded to the filing on Instagram, implying that she was blindsided by the news: “Oh. Ok. Thanks for letting me know. I guess?” she captioned a screenshot of an article about the divorce. She wrote in a second post, which she later deleted, “I can’t sleep. Not a wink. I am terrified for what tomorrow will bring. Oh, don’t worry, I’m fully aware of how pathetic that sounds.” She went on to imply that Ioan was unfaithful, writing, “Do you what I’m mostly scared of? It’s who the girl is. I know! Why? Why would it even matter? I’m scared that my [two daughters] will be disappointed by their Dad’s behavior and model that in their future relations with the opposite sex. … I’m also scared of my ex-husband’s response to the fact that I had commented on his sudden decision to serve me [divorce papers]. I know he’ll be angry. (He is always angry — he was born angry).” She added in yet another since-deleted post that the divorce filing was “very sad and out of the blue.”

On Feb. 25, TMZ broke the news that Holly Madison and Zak Bagans (right) called it quits “a few weeks ago” after nearly two years of coupledom. They’re reportedly still friendly and remain on talking terms. The former “The Girls Next Door” beauty and the “Ghost Adventures” star met in May 2019 and kept their relationship extremely under the radar.


On Feb. 27, G-Eazy and Josie Canseco sparked romance rumors when they were snapped looking cozy during a party in Hollywood. “They very much looked like a couple. … They were inseparable all night and in their own world completely focused on each other,” a spy told E! News. Despite how things appeared, though, they’re not an item: “There is definitely some flirtation going on there but they are just having fun,” a source close to the rapper told E! “G-Eazy is just living his life trying to having fun after his recent breakup with Ashley [Benson]. He really liked Ashley and is trying to move on.” Josie’s rep also shot down the romance rumors, telling Page Six, “There’s no relationship romantically between the two of them. They’re old friends. That’s how she wants to maintain it.” The rep added that the blonde beauty is “newly single” (presumably following her late-2020 split from Logan Paul) and “just enjoying life.”

On March 3, The Sun confirmed recent rumors that, for the past few months, Mark Ronson has been quietly dating Meryl Streep’s daughter Grace Gummer. “He is definitely dating Grace. Things have become romantic,” a source told the British tabloid. “Lockdown restrictions have made things more difficult — especially when he has been back in the U.K. — but they are seeing how it goes and are getting along. Mark is pretty private, so he has kept the whole relationship low-key, but it really seems to be heating up.” The DJ-producer has reportedly met the “Mr. Robot” actress’s parents: Meryl and sculptor Don Gummer. Said the insider, “They seemed to like him, which is a good sign. It would be daunting for any guy to try to charm Meryl Streep.” Mark and Grace were first seen together during a group dinner with friends in New York City in September 2020. 

On Feb. 21, Azealia Banks announced on Instagram that she and artist Ryder Ripps got engaged. A week later, on March 1, she announced on her Instagram Story that she “dumped” him. “He’s too insecure for the wildly creative she-wolf in me,” she wrote, adding that she’s “keeping the menorah ring” he gave her when he popped the question. But then on March 3, Azealia took to her Instagram Story to share a selfie with Ryder at a smoothie shop in Beverly Hills, indicating they were back on.

“Entertainment Tonight” reported on March 2 that, according to a source, Kendall Jenner and her rumored boyfriend of nearly a year, Devin Booker, have “gotten more serious” recently. Explained the source of the duo’s decision to make their relationship Instagram official on Valentine’s Day, “Kendall was ready to take her relationship with Devin to a more public level and get rid of any unnecessary speculation in the media. She felt ready to share a bit more than she has in the past when she posted the photo of them on Valentine’s Day. … Their relationship has gotten more serious and Devin is really laid back and not all about fame or being in the spotlight all the time, which Kendall really likes. He makes her feel comfortable and safe and he’s super respectful, which are all qualities she loves.” An Us Weekly source echoed that the model and the basketball star went “Insta official” because “they were tired of the media frenzy and were ready to confirm their romance” and “just felt like with Valentine’s Day, the timing was right.” Said the insider, “[They] care about one another immensely, but it’s not like they will be getting engaged any time soon. … [She] likes the pace at which things are going at the moment and has no plans to elevate things so quickly. … They are not the kind of couple that spends 24/7 together. Kendall likes to have her own personal time and spend time with her family. She also has a lot on her plate when it comes to work and her modeling gigs. … [She] likes staying busy and not feeling like she has to give herself or make herself available to Devin all the time.” The source went on to say that Kendall also understands Devin’s lifestyle and work commitments due to her previous experience with dating professional athletes. 

Cole Tucker and Vanessa Hudgens are getting serious! At a Feb. 26 press conference during MLB spring training, the professional baseball player publicly professed his love for the singer-actress. “I got a girlfriend and she’s cool,” he gushed. “She’s awesome — I love her. … She’s great.” The Pittsburgh Pirates outfielder added that Vanessa will “be around” during baseball season. He also shared his hope that they won’t “be treated any differently” than any of his teammates and their significant others. “I don’t want it to be, ‘Oh, Cole’s dating Vanessa,'” he said. Good luck!

“Summer House” star Hannah Berner took to Instagram on March 3 to announce that she and Des Bishop are engaged. “Thanks for the engagement shoot mom! Love you @desbishop,” she captioned a slideshow of photos showing off her new engagement bling. According to People magazine, the Irish comedian proposed on Valentine’s Day — just seven months after he met the reality star by sliding into her DMs on Instagram. “I was fairly certain fairly quickly that Hannah was the one for me,” Des told People. “When I met her the first time, my immediate thought was not only is she beautiful, but I just want to spend all the time with her because she’s so much fun.” Chimed in Hannah, “He lets me be me, and we laugh together. I make him laugh, and he makes me laugh. … I really just fell in love with how his mind works. And I really listen to his advice, and I really just respect him.” The bride-to-be added that they “want to get married sooner than later.” Said Hannah, “He’s my best friend. Why wait?”

“Counting On” star Justin Duggar and Claire Spivey tied the knot on Feb. 26, they announced on Instagram. “Today we have started a journey together that God crafted long before we ever knew it was meant to be. We are so thankful for the love of Christ that has brought our lives together and teaches us what real love looks like,” they said in a statement obtained by People magazine. “There is no greater joy than marrying your best friend. We are thankful for the prayers and support so many have shown us through our engagement and look forward to this new chapter of our lives together as husband and wife.” It’s been a whirlwind romance for the young couple (he’s 18 and, based on his Feb. 27 Instagram post, it appears Claire turned 20 one day after their nuptials). They met in the spring of 2019, announced in September 2020 that they’d started courting and got engaged two months later.

On March 1, Page Six broke the news that 27-year-old Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue model Daniela Lopez Osorio and 44-year-old billionaire Travis Kalanick — who co-founded Uber but has since left the company — are an item. “Travis has been dating Daniela since mid-January, but they have been trying to keep it very quiet,” said a source. The duo reportedly met in California earlier this year.

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