Janice Dickinson Slams Eminem For Referencing Her In Explicit Rap

Janice Dickinson has slammed rapper Eminem after she felt insulted by the explicit lyrics in his latest rap song which referenced “sticking a d**k” in her.

“I have survived cancer, I’ve been to the Bill Cosby trial and faced my abuser, so when I heard this lyric, yes I was f**king offended, but I won’t let it bring me down, I’m Janice Dickinson,” she said to the Daily Mail.

In the song, Eminem raps: “But when you got nothing to say except for the hand your d**k is in / And if your plan’s to stick it in Janice Dickinson / Imagine if the Temazepam is kickin’ in, it’s havin’ you panic-stricken.”

The song was released on January 24 and is currently sitting at Number 13 on the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart.

“When I first heard those lyrics I was taken aback. It’s referring to the recent Bill Cosby sexual abuse trial that I went to for Andrea Constand back in Philadelphia and that I too was raped without consent back in 1982 by Bill Cosby and all of those things came in to my head,” Dickinson said.

“I’m thinking, am I hot, or am I being put down for being a sexual abuse survivor. It took me years to go through that with therapy and now all of a sudden this huge number one song, with a bullet, is on the radio.”

She continued: “Don’t get me wrong I’m a die hard Eminem number one fan, but when I heard the lyrics, I didn’t know how to think or feel and then I was offended.”

“I was taken aback and offended. Offended because I have children, because I have four grandchildren and I thought what are my grandkids gonna think about me being in an Eminem song.”

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