According To Fox News, Gingerbread Men are MEN!

Just when you thought Fox News’ War on Christmas couldn’t get more embarrassing and/or hilarious, they have outdone themselves with their new claim; Gingerbread men are MEN. Point, blank and the period.

God, I feel dumber even typing this shit but here goes.  Last night on Tucker Carlson‘s show, political analyst Tammy Bruce spoke out on the most important issue of 2018; folks referring to Gingerbread men as Gingerbread PEOPLE. My word! Whatever has happened to class and decorum in our racist, pussy grabbing society?? Scottish Parliament has banned the term “gingerbread men” from being used in their coffee shop due to sexism concerns, and Fox News ate that story up like it was made out of gingerbread.

Tammy, who is ready to throw hands with anyone who opposes her stance, referenced the gender neutrality with much disdain because she’s tired of living a life being bullied by political correctness. Here’s a clip of Tammy staking her claim as the champion of delicious dickless cookies that can’t speak up for themselves.

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