Lidl is selling a razor with an extendable handle so you can reach everywhere

Ever tried to shave your legs, but struggle to reach every bit?

It’s particularly difficult for anyone who is pregnant, suffering from an injury or disability or maybe your shower cubicle is just too small.

Now Lidl has a solution – an extendable arm for your razor.

The contraption means you don’t have to bend down to shave your legs and honestly, it sounds like a genius idea.

The arm comes with an electric body hair trimmer for £14.99.

It’s on sale from today and comes with three comb attachments, as well as a charging base, mains adapter and cleaning brush.

The description for the product said: ‘Lidl’s grooming gadget features a practical fold-out extension making it perfect for those slightly harder to reach areas.

‘Shoppers better hurry before its hair today, gone tomorrow.’

Genius. No more stretching in all directions if you choose to shave your legs for the summer.

The razor isn’t available online so you’ll need to get down to your local store.

It’s not the first time we’ve heard about a handle like this. Earlier this year, we brought you the news that Amazon was selling an extendable handle for your disposable razor.

Unfortunately that one is currently out of stock online so the Lidl version might be your best chance of stretch-free shaving.

The Lidl version is also for an electric razor, meaning less mess to clean up.

Plus the Amazon one previously cost £39, so even if it dos come back into stock, the Lidl razor seems like a bargain.

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