YouTube and Twitter outages reported as users complain videos and channels aren't loading

YOUTUBE is down and not working tonight as users complained videos are not loading.

Twitter outages have also been reported.

Down Detector, which tracks outages and issues affecting online services, shows a huge surge in complaints about YouTube.

A person wrote: "Things aren't loading and when you go to a channel all of the videos don't load."

Another said: "Broke for me also."

One more added: "I can't look at my youtube channel I go in and it says 'Error loading'."

A YouTube user tweeted: "Is it me or is YouTube down because channels aren't loading."

Some people also complained about Twitter not working properly.

One person said: "Twitter please fix your website, the feed keeps bouncing up and down while scrolling the timeline."

Another added: "Twitter down? It's showing I haven't tweeted anything."

This morning, Facebook Messenger and Instagram also appeared to have stopped working for thousands of users.

On Facebook Messenger, users reported issues with receiving messages.

They also complained about being unable to log in.

On Instagram, the bulk of complaints were linked to the News Feed, with a smattering of reports about Stories and Posting.

Users flocked to Twitter to moan about the outage.

"Is Messenger down for anyone else or is it my WiFi? Can't see who's active or send messages," wrote one disgruntled user.

Another said: "First it's Messenger down now it's Instagram down with their DMs."

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