Woman 'dismembered while ALIVE before being bludgeoned to death' because she ‘disrespected killer'

A WOMAN was partially dismembered while still alive, before she was bludgeoned to death and dumped on the side of a Texas road.

Police have arrested 26-year-old Rafael Castillo, who they believe killed the woman in San Antonio to "make an example of her."

Road crews found the body of Nicole Perry, 31, wrapped in a tarp with her hands cut off along a rural Texas road after she was killed on November 19, police said.

Castillo is facing murder charges in Perry's death, which Bexar Country Sheriff Javier Salazer described as a "gruesome attack."

The suspect reportedly fled to Brownsville – a few hundred miles south of San Antonio – after the murder, but was brought back to face charges on Wednesday.

Evidence found on Perry's body led investigators to a nearby home where she was staying with her fiancé, according to News4SA.

Salazar said the home was a gathering spot for partying and drug use. During a raid after Perry's body was found, police reportedly found evidence to suggest that the woman had been killed in a detached garage of the home.

Perry and Castillo got into some sort of argument, according to witness accounts, and the suspect told the woman to "shut up," before tying her up.

He then used an ax or a hatchet to cut her hands off while she was still alive, police said.

"It’s a gruesome attack," the sheriff said. "I don’t even want to imagine what this woman went through."

The woman was then bludgeoned to death with the weapon, according to police.

A witness reportedly said that Castillo became angry with Perry because she "disrespected his name."

Police believe that others were involved in helping Castillo attempt to dispose of the body, saying it was "not a one-man operation."

He urged others involved to "turn themselves in and put themselves in the witness column as opposed to the defendant's column."

Perry's hands are still missing, and police said other parts of the body are missing as well.

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