‘Witch’ on trial for boiling girl in a cauldron at German festival

‘Witch’ goes on trial for boiling girl in a cauldron: Teenager suffered serious burns after she was dropped into hot water during German festival

  • Woman, 18, suffered serious injury to her legs at ‘witch carnival’ in Germany
  • Man, 33, dressed as a witch, accused of dropping her into a cauldron of water 
  • Teen was being carried by some of the ‘witches’  and held over the boiling water
  • Prosecutor claims it was a prank gone wrong, and that the accused lost his grip 

A 33-year-old man has been charged with assault after allegedly dropping a teenager into a cauldron of boiling water during a ‘witch carnival’ in southwest Germany. 

Reinhold K. had dressed up as a witch for the annual ‘Witchcraft Eppingen’ festival in Baden Württemberg in February, where he is then alleged to have taken part in a prank gone wrong.

The victim, 18-year-old Janine, suffered serious burns on her legs and has been left with life-long scars after spending two months in hospital.

Shocking: The 18-year-old was dropped into this cauldron as it was filled with boiling hot water during the ‘witchcraft’ carnival in Eppingen, southwest Germany, in February

Reinhold K. has been charged with ‘negligent assault’, but claims he was not the masked person involved and that he has been made a scapegoat, Bild reports.

The cauldron had been placed on a carnival cart which was being pulled along by a group of some 19 people dressed up in witch costumes, Reinhold K. among them.

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Local media reports that the Janine’s friends had ‘handed her over’ to two of them as a joke.

One of the ‘witches’ held her over the cauldron while another lifted the lid, after which she ended up in the water feet first.

Witchcraft: The accused, Reinhold K., was wearing a witch’s mask and cloak while the incident took place (stock image)

This was reportedly done to mimic he scene told in fairy-tales and legends where witches would boil their victims alive.

Prosecutor Patricia Münch claims Reinhold K was the masked person holding the Janine over the cauldron, and that he lost his grip and her legs fell into the boiling water.

She also claims that Reinhold K. and the other ‘witches’ simply left the victim behind and carried on with the procession despite her screaming in pain.

The teenager required eight weeks of hospital care and will ‘will suffer the consequences for a lifetime,’ according to doctors. 

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