Wisconsin recount that cost Trump $3 million finds 87 votes for Biden

Wisconsin recount that cost Trump’s campaign $3 million finds an extra 87 ballots for BIDEN – confirming he won the key swing state by more than 20,000 votes

  • Recounts in two of Wisconsin’s biggest and most Democratic counties further cemented Joe Biden’s victory in the swing state
  • The Milwaukee and Dane County recounts netted 87 more votes for Biden
  • Under Wisconsin law the president’s campaign, which demanded the recounts, had to foot the $3 million bill  

Wisconsin further cemented Joe Biden’s victory Sunday in the battleground state in two county recounts that furthered his lead over President Donald Trump by 87 votes.

The recounts demanded by Trump’s reelection campaign in two of Wisconsin’s most populous and Democratic-leaning counties, Milwaukee and Dane County, concluded Friday and Sunday respectively.

Wisconsin law requires the campaign requesting the recount to foot the bill, meaning the it Trump’s campaign $3 million and only furthered Biden’s victory over the president.

Overall, Biden gained 257 votes to Trump’s 125, giving him a net 87 more votes than he originally held over Trump.

This further undermines Trump’s bid to overturn the election results as he claims widespread voter fraud and ballot irregularities that he insists hurt him in his race against Biden.

President Donald Trump’s campaign had to pay $3 million for two Wisconsin county recounts, which netted 87 more votes for Joe Biden – furthering his lead there 

The Milwaukee County recount (pictured above) concluded Friday and Dane County finished up on Sunday

Joe Biden currently holds 306 Electoral College votes, making him the clear winner of the presidential election

Biden, 78, won the November 3 presidential election with 306 Electoral College votes to Trump’s 232. A presidential candidate needs 270 Electoral College votes to win.

The former vice president also leads by more than six million in the popular vote tally.

After the recount ended, Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson said: ‘The recount demonstrates what we already know: that elections in Milwaukee County are fair, transparent, accurate and secure.’

The Trump campaign is still expected to mount a legal challenge to the overall result in Wisconsin, but time for that is running out as the state is due to certify its presidential result on Tuesday.

Trump won Wisconsin, a rust belt swing state, in 2016 by only 0.7 per cent.

The Wisconsin Election Commission will meet Tuesday to vote on certifying the election results. The chairwoman of the six-member panel, who is a Democrat, said the state will move to certify the state’s popular vote win for Biden.

The president still plans to launch legal battles in an attempt to prevent Wisconsin from moving forward.

The three Republicans on the state’s six-member election commission could seek to delay certification with a deadlock while the process unfolds.

‘The Wisconsin recount is not about finding mistakes in the count, it is about finding people who have voted illegally, and that case will be brought after the recount is over, on Monday or Tuesday,’ Trump wrote in a tweet Saturday.

He added without providing any evidence: ‘We have found many illegal votes. Stay tuned!’

The Wisconsin blow is just another in a series of losses for Trump’s battle to overturn his loss.

His efforts to stop Michigan officials from certifying the vote earlier this month failed.

A hand recount of ballots in Georgia confirmed Biden’s win there and two new court decisions in Pennsylvania late last week rejected the president’s campaign’s attempts to halt the vote count there.

Four of six states where Trump has tried to halt the certification process have already certified and on Monday, Arizona is set to finalize the results there, as well.

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