Who is Wakey Wines owner Mohammad Azir Nazir? | The Sun

WAKEY Wines shop in Wakefield has gained a large following on TikTok.

Here, we look at the owner of the store, Mohammad Azir Nazir.

Who is Mohammad Azir Nazir?

Mohammad Azir Nazir is a business owner, most famous for running viral convenience store Wakey Wines.

He appears in their viral videos, where he describes the store as "the best shop in Wakey".

In March 2023, the shop was raided by police, who were looking for class A drugs.

They were not able to find anything, with Nazir posting a video after the incident to show a document confirming the shop was free of anything illegal.


Wakey Wines ‘RAIDED by cops looking for drugs’ after it went viral on TikTok

I’m giving away Prime for FREE – my shop is taking on Wakey Wines

Nazir was previously sentenced to eight years in prison for dealing heroin and crack cocaine, but turned his life around following his release after four years in 2019.

In January 2022 he told his followers on TikTok: "In 2015, I was selling drugs, I was doing wrong… I made the biggest mistake of my life."

Where is Wakey Wines?

Wakefield is in West Yorkshire, perhaps best known for being home to the Wakefield Trinity rugby league team.

The full name of the store is Wakefield Wines, with the nickname "Wakey" used as that is one of the popular nicknames given to the city.

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What does Mohammad Azir Nazir do on TikTok?

Nazir shares videos of himself with customers, many of whom have come along to buy Prime energy drink.

Prime is a creation by YouTuber's Logan Paul and KSI. The demand for it has seen supermarkets sell out, leaving many fans disappointed.

During the videos, Nazir encourages the customers to introduce themselves to the camera, before asking where they have travelled from and why they have visited the store.

His cameraman, Abdul, is a worker at the shop, and Nazir speaks to him during the video, saying "Abdul come closer", before saying "Abdul go back".

What does Mohammad Azir Nazir sell?

Nazir came to prominence through his stock of Prime, which he sells for inflated prices.

His asking prices of up to £100 per bottle got widespread attention on TikTok, but he sells other products as well.

Nazir has his own brand of hard candy, named WFD sweets, which have also appeared in his videos.

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