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DAVID Howells was at the heart of a gruesome murder that resulted in the death of his own wife.

The father of two was the criminal mastermind behind the brutal attack back in August 1995.

Who is David Howells?

David Howells was the husband of Eve Howells.

The pair met in 1971 at a British Legion function and later married in 1973.

The couple shared two teenage sons together – Glenn and John.

They were just 14 and 15 years-old at the time of their mother's murder.

David Howells groomed both his children into killing their mother – and made sure he was out the house when it happened.

On August 31, 1995, David left their family home to play darts.

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As he closed the door behind him, he knew all too well what nightmare his wife was about to endure – as he had been pre-mediating the attack with his two sons for months.

Whilst David was out creating the perfect alibi, eldest son Glenn bludgeoned his mother to death – hitting her around 10 times with a hammer, as she sat in the lounge.

Their youngest son John, then helped to dispose of the murder weapon and clothing, before ransacking the house to make it appear as though it was a burglary gone wrong.

This vicious and cruel plot was believed to be the result of years of mental and physical abuse from Eve – in which she subjected both her sons and husband to unbearable torment and bullying.

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 It was reported that Eve had made family life ''an unbearable hell'' and that she had run the family home like a dictator, as she enforced curfews, rationed food and often made threats of punishments.

But the final straw came when Eve's husband, David, claimed he had discovered that his wife was having an affair with boys' godfather and a family friend, Russell Hirst – providing a motive for his murderous plot.

It was also believed that he stood to inherit his wife's £155,000 fortune.

How long did David Howells get sent to prison for?

David Howells denied any involvement in the murder of his wife – but found guilty in 1997 and sentenced to life in prison.

The trial judge, Mr Justice Alliott, said he was in no doubt that David Howells was the prime mover behind the killing.

The judge had described Howells as a “thoroughly evil man who groomed or indoctrinated his sons to kill their mother while he was safely beyond suspicion as an actual participant’’.

As he sentenced David, he said:

"You were the instigator of this appalling crime and you suborned your sons into doing what they did.

"Over a period of months, if not years, you so groomed and indoctrinated their young minds in that they did what you wanted.

"They acted out what to them initially must have been unthinkable while you were safely beyond suspicion as a participant."

The judge then added: "There can be nothing more vile than to get your sons to kill their mother unless, as is apparent from the covert tapes, you cheerfully contemplated their long detention while you went free.

"Not withstanding any deficiencies in the deceased as a wife and a mother, she did nothing to warrant the terrible death she suffered."

Where is David Howells now?

David Howells whereabouts are currently unknown.

After the father of two was sentenced back in 1997, there hasn't been any up date on whether he completed the time he was sentenced to serve and if he was released.

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