Who are the runners and riders to replace Theresa May as next Tory leader if she is forced out?

The PM will have a historic battle later today to cling onto her job in a no confidence vote.

If she wins the vote of no confidence then she will stay on as PM and party leader.

She's currently to win the no confidence vote, but the chances of her losing have narrowed in recent weeks.

If she loses then a leadership battle will automatically be triggered and Britain will have a new Prime Minister in a matter of weeks.

Boris Johnson is currently the favourite to win a leadership battle, if it comes to that, Ladbrokes say.

Jessica Bridge of Ladbrokes said: "Sajid Javid has been the most popular bet with punters since Tuesday evening when news of a potential leadership contest broke, however it's Boris Johnson that has seen the most amount of money and wagers placed on him to succeed Theresa May as Tory leader."

Boris Johnson – 4/1

The ex-Foreign Secretary is the favourite to replace the PM, should a leadership battle commence.

Hugely popular with Brits across the country, he played a vital role for Vote Leave in the referendum campaign back in 2016.

Yesterday Boris and Sajid set out their stalls to become PM in the Tory spectator magazine – with both giving high profile interviews.

Boris drew a huge crowd to hear him bash Theresa May's Brexit plans in a barnstorming speech at the Tory conference in Birmingham.

Boris quit as Foreign Secretary on July 9 in a killer blow to May's government.

But he's also a hugely divisive figure, and Tories might not think he's the person to unite the party right now.

And his hopes could be dashed by reports of a close friendship with a blonde Tory aide and his divorce from wife Marina.

Dominic Raab – 4/1

The former Brexit secretary quit the cabinet in protest over Theresa May's soft divorce deal with the EU.

He's now fighting with Boris to become the Leave candidate in another leadership battle.

Before he went into politics he was a lawyer, working on EU and World Trade Organisation Law.

But his former personal assistant branded him a bullying Mr Nasty after she was sacked for leading a double life as an escort.

Sajid Javid – 6/1

The Home Secretary has impressed since he got into the job when Amber Rudd quit over Windrush.

The Sun revealed this week that the son of a bus driver was already rallying round MPs to back him if a vote comes.

A known Eurosceptic, Mr Javid ended up backing Remain during the EU referendum but is popular among the Tory parliamentary party.

The MP for Bromsgrove in Worcestershire is a former managing director from Deutsche Bank.

Jeremy Hunt – 8/1

Mr Hunt was the longest-serving Health Secretary in British history before replacing Boris as Foreign Secretary.

He left the Department of Health after securing a £20bn funding increase for the NHS.

The Foreign Secretary could be a good continuity candidate if the PM gets booted out.

Micheal Gove – 8/1

The Environment Secretary is a hugely influential figure in the government, and was a key Brexiteer during the referendum.

He stabbed his friend Boris in the back when he decided to run against him last time, which led to many to think he's not loyal.

But since coming back into the Cabinet he's made a huge effort to unite the party and make friends across the ranks.

And his environmentally-friendly policies have won the Government some good headlines.

Amber Rudd – 16-1

Ms Rudd is now back in the Cabinet, now in the tricky job as Department for Work and Pensions Secretary.

She's incredibly loyal to the PM and is likely to back her in a vote of confidence tonight.

But if there's another leadership contest she could stand a good chance.

However, she voted Remain which might put some MPs off backing her.

Jacob Rees-Mogg 16/1

Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Latin-fluent millionaire financier and MP for North East Somerset, has emerged as one of the leading Brexiteers on the backbenches.

Rees-Mogg has also garnered a surprise following among many young Tories – including Jungle Queen Georgia Toffolo, who called him "a sex god".

Devout Catholic Rees-Mogg has made no secret of his socially conservative views, including being anti-abortion and against gay marriage.

The Tory backbencher has said he has no plans to run for the leadership.

But he's influential in a potential leadership battle, as head of the powerful European Research Group of Eurosceptic backbenchers.

David Davis – 16/1

David Davis quit as Brexit secretary on July 8, 2018, with a devastating letter warning Mrs May her proposal would leave the UK in "a weak negotiating position" with Brussels.

The ex-Brexit boss has been savage in ripping apart Theresa May's deal – even though he was a key part of the negotiations.

He has since launched a series of attacks on Mrs May's strategy, and led a Tory rebellion to ditch the Chequers plan.

He's seen as a competent person to take over, but has done badly in leadership contests in the past.

Andrea Leadsom 25/1

The Commons Leader battled Mrs May in 2016 but stepped down after an interview where she appeared to suggest she'd be a better candidate because she has kids.

Despite the knock back she's been a key voice in the Cabinet, and prominent Brexiteer.

She is now Leader of the House, and survived in post despite reports Mrs May was planning to cut "dead wood" in her January reshuffle.

It was rumoured she would quit over the deal, and wanted Mrs May to make tweaks, but has decided to stay in the top team to make influence from the inside.

Penny Mordaunt 25/1

The International Development Secretary is far from a front runner, but is one of the few women on the odds list who could take over as PM from Mrs May.

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