WATCH: Police reveal clips of Britain's craziest drivers

What a bunch of planks! Terrifying moment loose timber and a bucket fly from back of van as police reveal clips of some of Britain’s craziest drivers

This video shows the bonkers moment when a bucket was sent flying from the back of a vehicle after being catapulted by some loose planks.

Devon and Cornwall police have released a video showing footage of dangerous driving which was captured and sent in by members of the public.

The clips show a series of near misses, including dodgy overtakes, drivers ignoring red lights and overloaded lorries. 

One clip even shows a tyre coming loose on a carriageway from a tractor towing a trailer.

The first incident shows a tractor towing behind a large container in Exeter.

Loosely attached by some straps to the back of the trailer is a loose tyre.

The footage then shows the tyre beginning to bounce as the tractor picks up speed before it finally detaches from the straps in the way of oncoming traffic.

This particular driver received a £100 fine and three penalty points for an insecure load and potentially endangering somebody. 

A tyre was strapped to the back of a tractor towing a trailer in Exeter

The camera doesn’t show if the car behind drives into the tyre once it came loose, but it looks like it would have been a near miss

The second clip shows a small white vehicle dangerously overtaking traffic on a narrow country lane on the A386 in Mary Tavy, Tavistock. 

The driver who recorded the near miss on their dashcam can be seen slamming on the breaks as the car – on their side of the road – swerves back across to the other side. 

Sandwiched in between a tractor and the driver on the other side of the road, somehow it appears there was no damage.

The dangerous drive received a £574 fine and five penalty points for careless and inconsiderate driving.

This dangerous driver overtook a number of cars on a tight, narrow lane and only just avoided crashing into the vehicle on the other side of the road 

The next bit of footage shows a blue truck driving on the A38 in Kennford. 

The driver has got three large planks of wood among other items hanging out the back of their car.

As they drive underneath a gantry holding motorway signs, the planks of wood hit the metal structure sending a loose bucket and other items flying out on to the road.

The driver was fined £100 and three penalty points for insecurely loading an item to their car.

The blue truck drives along the A38 in Kennford and all seems to be okay…

That is until the car’s wooden planks hit the gantry structure above 

A bucket is then sent soaring into the sky, catapulted by the wooden planks

The bucket only narrowly avoided the driver who recorded the footage on their dashcam 

The fourth segment of dangerous driving shows a black vehicle drive in the wrong lane and run a red light.

The location of this was in Plympton and you can see the driver narrowly avoid oncoming traffic from the other side of the road.

The driver received a £1,176 fine and six penalty points for careless and inconsiderate driving. 


Just in front of the white car you can see the black vehicle speeding through a red light 

The dangerous driver was lucky to avoid the other cars coming from the other direction 

Lastly, the video gives us an example of cars driving too near to cyclists.

The clip, in Downhead, shows a grey car passing a cyclist extremely closely.

The footage is shot from the rear of the cyclist’s bike.

As a penalty, the driver in question did not have to pay a fine but instead attend a driver training course for the close pass of a cyclist.

This grey car was too close for comfort for this cyclist who captured the vehicle on a rear camera attached to his bike

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