Waitress, 20, whose two piercings got lost INSIDE her

Waitress, 20, whose two piercings got lost INSIDE her was ‘warned she may never breastfeed’ after A&E medics feared she had blood poisoning

  • Taila Millar said doctors told her she was at risk of poisoning from piercings
  • The 20-year-old decided to get the piercings done as part of a Black Friday sale  
  • During her neck piercing, she said it began to ‘squirt blood’ during procedure 

A waitress claims she was told she may never be able to breastfeed after two of her piercings became lost inside her body. 

Taila Millar said doctors told her she was at risk of blood poisoning and may not be able to breastfeed due to the piercing in her nipple, chest and neck. 

The 20-year-year old said the piercing in her neck began ‘squirting blood’, which she said the body artist covered up with just a plaster.

Taila Millar decided to get the piercings on Black Friday but they soon became infected

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Despite cleaning the piercings with salt water and changing the plasters, she went to the doctors due to the intense pain.

She realised the neck piercing had become lost under her skin and one end of the nipple bar had became trapped inside her scabbed-over breast.

Ms Millar, from Preston, Lancashire, screamed in agony as doctors tried but failed to remove the piercing.

She had to be referred to plastic surgery and kept over night when eventually the piercings were removed under local anaesthetic.

The piercing in her neck began to seep into her body, according to the waitress

Ms Millar has now spoken out about the risks of piercings and vowed to ‘never’ get on again.

She said: ‘It’s put me off it for life. I’m not going through that again.

‘No one told me any of the risks. People have said my body is rejecting them. 

‘All I want to do is raise awareness because you hear about these stories and think it’s not going to happen to me but it does. I just wanted to make sure people know to be careful.

Ms Millar’s decided to get piercings on her nipple, chest and neck, but the piercings on her neck soon became infected

‘I’ve had three piercings. People have said “oh your body rejects it” but how can your body reject all three piercings [at once] and end up like that? 

What is blood poisoning? 

Blood poisoning is a serious infection. It occurs when bacteria are in the bloodstream.

Despite its name, the infection has nothing to do with poison. Although not a medical term, ‘blood poisoning’ is used to describe bacteremia, septicemia, or sepsis.

Blood poisoning occurs when bacteria causing infection in another part of your body enter your bloodstream. 

The presence of bacteria in the blood is referred to as bacteremia or septicemia. 

The terms ‘septicemia’ and “sepsis” are often used interchangeably, though technically they aren’t quite the same. Septicemia, the state of having bacteria in your blood, can lead to sepsis. 

Sepsis is a severe and often life-threatening state of infection if it’s left untreated. But any type of infection — whether bacterial, fungal, or viral — can cause sepsis.  

Credit: Healthline.com 

‘For [the neck piercing] to fall under my skin as well – it’s just mad. You don’t know where that could have gone if it was left.

‘I could feel it as well. It was weird. It was like when I’d laugh or talk I could feel the metal. If I touched my chest I could feel it. It was just horrible, absolutely horrible.’

Ms Millar planned to get her second nipple piercing due to the Black Friday offer of a 50 per cent discount.

She said she was made to sign a waiver which stated once she left the shop, she was responsible for the piercings.

Capelli Remi, the shop where Ms Millar had the piercings, said they would have given her an aftercare sheet and bag of organic salt to clear out the piercings.

They added of the hundreds of people pierced on Black Friday, she was the only person to experience problems. 

A spokesperson  said: ‘At Capelli Remi we work really really hard to ensure all our customers have the best possible experience and get the best service, and our Black Friday event takes a lot of time, planning and effort.

‘Out of the hundreds of people that were pierced across all three of our stores that day, Ms Millar is the only one who claims to have a problem.’ 

The piercings have since been removed and Ms Millar has vowed to never get another piercing again due to the horrific experience 

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