University of Manitoba students union calling for ban of student-faculty relationships

The University of Manitoba Students’ Union (UMSU) is calling on the university to prohibit sexual relationships between students and staff, where there’s a direct power imbalance.

This comes after further allegations against faculty at the university.

In September, the university’s president David Barnard said the school had multiple ongoing investigations into sexual assault, harassment and human rights; several of which involve faculty.

According to numbers provided by the university, five open investigations under the University of Manitoba’s Respectful Work and Learning Environment Policy and Sexual Assault Policy involve faculty as the respondent.

  • One is for sexual assault and personal harassment
  • One is for sexual assault and sexual harassment
  • One is for sexual harassment
  • Two others are human rights investigations

UMSU says they are involved in the university’s review of their policies and practices with regards to sexual violence and conflict management and ask any students who need support to contact the students’ union.

In the fall, the university said mandatory training for all faculty and staff on sexual violence and consent will be instituted soon, along with a review of the university’s sexual assault policy.

There are more than 25,000 undergraduate students at the U of M.

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