Unit where two Saudi sisters were found dead goes back on the market

Apartment where two Saudi sisters were found dead goes back on the market – and rent has gone UP for the ‘luxurious’ two bedroom

  • Asra Alsehli, 24, and her sister Amaal, 23, were found dead in their unit on June7
  • Their two-bedroom Canterbury apartment has now gone back on the market 
  • Photos of the bedrooms where they died were notably absent from the listing 
  • Property agent Jay Hu said the $40-a-week price increase reflected renovations
  • He said the bedrooms, where they were found, were renovated due to the ‘smell’

The ‘luxurious’ apartment where two Saudi Arabian sisters were found decomposing has been re-listed two months later for an extra $40 a week. 

But photos of the two bedrooms at the Canterbury Road apartment – where Asra Abdullah Alsehli, 24, and Amaal Abdullah Alsehli, 23, were found dead on June 7 – were notably absent from the online listing. 

The real estate agent tasked with renting out the unit held an open inspection on Monday at the western Sydney property.

The Alsehli sisters had lived there for two years before their death, paying $480 a week for the modest two-bedroom apartment. 

But the online advertisement – which lists the property at an increased price of $520-a-week – comes with a disclaimer. 

‘This property has found two deceased person on 07/06/2022,’ the disclaimer reads.

‘A crime scene has been established and it is still under police investigation. According to the police, this is not a random crime and will not be a potential risk for the community.’ 

Pictured: Asra Abdullah Alsehli, 24, and her younger sister Amaal Abdullah Alsehli, 23 

Pictured: Their Canterbury apartment block, where they were found dead in June

The ad also notes the unit was recently renovated and features ‘balconies that enhance ‘airflow’. 

Property manager Jay Hu said renovations, including slapping a new coat of paint on the walls and ripping up the carpet to replace them with floorboards, were carried out in both bedrooms due to the odour.

‘There was a lot of liquid and smell,’ Mr Hu told The Daily Telegraph.

Mr Hu said the rental increase reflected the work done to the unit in the wake of the women’s deaths. 

According to the online listing, the ‘nearly brand new apartment ensures a life of seamless luxurious comfort’.

The sisters’ two-bedroom unit (pictured) has gone back on the market with a $40-a-week price increase

The property has undergone renovations to both bedrooms due to the smell

According to the online advertisement, the property has ‘spacious balconies’ that allow ‘airflow’

Property agent Jay Hu said the price increase reflected the renovation works that were carried out

‘Newly installed hybrid timber flooring for both bedrooms,’ the ad reads.

‘Relaxation with luxurious open-plan living spaces and spacious balconies enhances light and airflow.’

Police believe the women, who were found in separate bedrooms, may have been dead for a month before officers discovered their decomposing bodies. 

Detectives were called to the scene by the sheriff, who made the grisly find after turning up to the property to serve the pair with an eviction notice after they had failed to pay rent for weeks. 

Investigators believe the women died in May and are yet to determine how the women died, hoping pending toxicology results will provide answers. 

The women left Saudi Arabia in 2017, were not known to be in regular contact with their family, and were both actively seeking asylum in Australia.

While their reasons for leaving their homeland remain unclear, they had been in contact with a refugee service for the past five years, which helps foreign nationals escaping persecution and seeking asylum.

Police are to yet rule out homicide or suicide as investigations continue.


2017: Asra Abdullah Alsehli, 24, and Amaal Abdullah Alsehli, 23, are believed to have left Saudi Arabia and arrived in Australia, where they sought asylum 

2019: Asra took an AVO out against a man, but it was later dismissed.

2020: They frequently visited a service station around their flat, with locals describing them as ‘friendly’.

2022: Asra and Amaal report a ‘suspicious’ figure to building management. But it is not clear whether they were jumping at shadows.

Police conducted two welfare checks early in the year.

In one of the checks, the pair were described as ‘timid’ and refused to let anyone enter the apartment.

They eventually allowed officers to enter, but stayed huddled together in the far corner of the unit.

May, 2022: The owner of their Canterbury unit filed a civil case against Asra on May 13.

That action was taken four weeks after sheriff’s officers went to the apartment to serve the women with an eviction notice.

June 7, 2022: Officers conducting a welfare check made the grisly discovery. There was no sign of forced entry. 

Police believe the sisters died in May, but have not been able to determine a cause of death.

Late July 2022: The NSW state coroner overrules the family’s wishes and releases pictures of the dead sisters, as police plead for more information

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