UK Weather – Brits to be hit by -1C icy plunge ahead of snow in two weeks' time

BRITS are set to shiver during a -1C big chill – before snow blasts in at the end of the month.

Temperatures will hover just below zero on Tuesday, with frost and fog forecast throughout the coming seven days.

And during the last weekend of January, millions will see snow amid a freezing Arctic blast, it's believed.

But Met Office forecaster Rachel Ayers said today began with mist and fog in the south before cloud and patchy rain clears for highs of 12C later on.

"Skies will clear, allowing for plenty of sunshine in the north," she said.

"High pressure has been in charge of the weather over the past week, but a cold front will sink south-eastwards over Sunday, marking a slight change in the weather for a time.

"But that high pressure is never too far away as it builds back in again on Monday."


Tonight will be cold, with a widespread frost expected, she said.

Her colleague, meteorologist Dan Stroud, said much of the month will be "dominated by high pressure".

"That means there's a lot of settled weather to come," he said.

"Monday will be a generally bright day for many across England and Wales, but fog and frost are becoming a bit of an issue into Tuesday.

"It'll also be fairly windy across the far north.

"That sets the scene for the majority of next week.

"There's a risk of something a bit colder that might graze the very far north and east of Scotland, but beyond that, high pressure will continue to dominate.


"It'll be largely dry and settled, although with lots of frost and fog that'll be rather slow to clear in places."

But soon, an Arctic blast will force snow south from the Highlands – with some forecasters warning the coldest days of the winter won't arrive for another week-and-a-half.

Meteorologist Jim Dale told The Express: "Winter is not over."

"As we get towards the end of the month – the coldest on average parts of the year – what we're seeing is the high pressure pulling away south and west, allowing a north-easterly air stream to come in," he said.

"That may well start to bring some snow events towards the latter stages of the month – so that last week of January."

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WX Charts predicts snow will fall in Scotland on Friday, January 28 before moving south, hitting Newcastle by 6pm.

The following day, wintry showers will graze East Anglia early in the morning.

Swathes of the country between Aberdeen and Hampshire – including the capital – will then see snow on Sunday, January 30, it's predicted.

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