Twitch star 'arrested by fake cops as SWAT team bust his live stream'

Twitch star ‘is SWATTED during swanky rooftop meet and greet before pranksters send fake LAPD officers to ‘arrest’ him at a sneakers store’ after his one-day ban from platform for looking at his phone while driving his car

  • Adin Ross, 20, has thousands of followers on the gaming live stream platform
  • On Saturday he held a meet-and-greet at Cookies N Kicks in Los Angeles
  • A SWAT team was apparently called to the site as a prank with helicopter above
  • Then two actors posing as LAPD turned up at the store and ‘arrested’ Ross
  • LAPD has not commented on the incident involving the gaming star 

A 20-year-old social media star’s appearance at a Los Angeles sports store was interrupted on Saturday after he was escorted from the premises by people dressed in LAPD uniforms. 

Adin Ross, who has cultivated fans on the Twitch platform, watching him play video games, was at Cookies n Kicks on Melrose Avenue.

Ross was holding an event on a rooftop when he was apparently ‘swatted’ – meaning that someone called the police on him. Social media footage from people in the area showed what appeared to be an LAPD helicopter overhead, and officers in patrol cars on the road.

Ross, 20, was on a rooftop when he was ‘swatted’ – meaning a SWAT team was called as a prank

Ross is seen looking over the rooftop on Saturday and looking down at the LAPD officers below

Ross went inside, switched to a blue t-shirt, and then more ‘police officers’ came in and ‘arrested’ him.

People in the store began chanting: ‘Free Adin!’ 

Fans outside the store peered through the window, holding their camera phones aloft.

The second set of ‘officers’ appeared to be actors, who put Ross in a fake patrol car and drove away. 

LAPD have not commented on the bizarre day, but Ross tweeted: ‘Bro that arrest was fake I was scared s***less. 

‘Bruh, one of u guys called fake cops to come and fake arrest me .. y’all weird asf. 

‘But fr tho Someone called a real swat team during the actual rooftop meetup and whoever did that is a real piece of s***.’

Ross is seen being handcuffed and taken away by people who were later revealed to be actors

Ross was led out of the store and put into a waiting ‘patrol car’ and driven away

Ross is pictured on Saturday at the store in Los Angeles, before actors arrived to arrest him

Ross was banned from Twitch following a live stream on July 7 inside his car, where he was filmed by another passenger.  

Ross was seen checking his phone several times whilst driving. Several Twitter users have recorded the incident, which shows Adin stopping at a red light whilst checking his phone and reacting to the Twitch chat.

Twitch guidelines will ban users for any illegal activity, and Californian state law says that ‘driving while using a handheld cellular device or texting’ is considered a crime.

Ross was reinstated on July 10. 

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