Trump Shifting Stories 'Hallmark Of A Guilty Mind,' Says Prosecutor

In an interview with MSNBC‘s Kasie Hunt broadcast Sunday, former United States Attorney Joyce Vance called Donald Trump’s shifting stories a “hallmark of a guilty mind,” Raw Story reports.

While President Donald Trump is known to flip-flop constantly on political issues — fact-checking website PolitiFact has listed some of Donald Trump’s flip-flops — he has also changed stories pertaining to the alleged Russia collusion, campaign finance, and a number of issues related to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election interference.

On December 6, Time uncovered what appears to be a pattern in Donald Trump’s ever-shifting stories pertaining to the alleged Russia collusion and related matters. According to the publication, the president follows a relatively simple pattern. Whenever damaging information comes up Trump first denies it, and then pivots to downplaying it. When downplaying the facts is no longer an option, Donald Trump resorts to arguing that whatever he is being accused of does not actually matter.

According to Time, the president has done this on numerous occasions. For instance, at first he maintained that his team had no contact with Russian nationals during the election, then downplayed the contacts when they became public, and lastly excused them claiming that “everyone” would have done the same. Similarly, Trump denied having business ties with Russia, then downplayed them claiming a “low-level” adviser negotiated on his behalf, in the end arguing that there is “nothing wrong” with conducting business abroad.

It is exactly Donald Trump’s ever-shifting stories that could get him in trouble, according to prosecutor Joyce Vance. Constantly changing stories is “a hallmark of a guilty mind,” according to her.

“At some point that wears very thin as layer upon layer of wrongdoing and misconduct is weighted down by the president’s changing stories, his constantly shifting stories, which is such a hallmark of a guilty mind.”

According to former U.S. Attorney and prosecutor Joyce Vance, there is a “good reason” to believe that criminal charges against Donald Trump are a possibility. “There’s a good reason to believe that there are criminal charges against the president ranging from campaign finance to obstruction,” she said, adding that the Trump foundation “looks problematic” as well.

Donald Trump is constantly criticized for being dishonest, so the fact that his dishonesty could get him in trouble with the law perhaps comes as no surprise. According to a Washington Post analysis, for instance, President Trump made 6,420 false or misleading claims over 649 days.

Most recently, as the Inquisitr reported, Michael Cohen’s former lawyer Lanny Davis accused Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani of having “problems” with the facts.

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