‘Trackies forever baby!’: Readers respond to new rules, chance of lockdown

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A lot of trackies in the home office, plenty of mask talk and a fair bit of unhappiness about the whole situation – that’s what we were told when we asked readers on Wednesday how they were responding to the new rules on mask-wearing and social distancing in Melbourne.

Below is a selection of those responses.

A quiet Melbourne CBD on Wednesday as Melburnians brace for stricter COVID-19 restrictions. Credit:Wayne Taylor

I’m out to lunch in the popular cafe Mr Tulk, usually a cacophony of chatter. Today I can hear the background music. Playing Piano Man – we’re all in the mood for a song … walked here and will walk back, mask on. The prospect of a return to lockdown had me seeking clear air and cafe company. And the sadness I feel for the already-quiet CBD lunch spots had me passing over the credit card for a delicious plate of lunch tinged with regret and hope. We’re all in this together, and we’ll get through the approaching avalanche. Jen

Rockin’ it with the doggie at home, the best personal assistant I ever had. In 14 months been to the office twice and in no bloody hurry to get back. Trackies forever baby! Anonymous

My team and I are highly productive at home and glad to miss the commute to city if possible. We have learnt to use and collaborate using digital platforms in last 12 months. It’s a perfect work-life balance. Samhita

Scenes in Melbourne CDB today as Melbournians brace for stricter Covid 19 restrictions. Picture by Wayne Taylor 26th May 2021. The AgeCredit:Wayne Taylor

I braved the office! And I am the only person on the entire floor of a very large office building in the CBD – very COVID-safe option I think! Anonymous

We can’t keep running for the hills! We need to be able to live, work and manage any outbreak. Simply staying home, not going to work out of fear as a business is not sustainable. Of course, I’m going to the office and doing an honest days work! Paul

I’m very happily back working from home today. No trackies, but I do have the Uggies on. I absolutely also enjoy being in the office with my colleagues from time to time, but I don’t want to work solely from the office. The daily commute to the office has been so time-consuming since we went back this year, with the traffic worse than it was prior to COVID. One other issue that I really want to raise is the issue of the lack of availability of the Pfizer vaccine to over 50s who have medical issues. I have specifically been advised by my doctor not to have the AZ, yet I really want to get vaccinated (I’m vaccinated for everything else). I am already very tired of the negative comments in the media and social media around the “selfish over 50s” and discussion about potential sanctions (e.g. no interstate travel) in future for those who don’t get vaccinated. You cannot get vaccinated if the correct vaccine is not made available to you! Jane

Utterly depressed that this is happening again – and especially since it wasn’t a Victorian government failure this time (assuming the Woolworths mix-up didn’t cause this). On the plus side, if we have a one-week lockdown it would mean I don’t need to get up early to get the kids off to school. Bruce

More than happy to hang out at home for a week or two, as long as it’s no longer than that. It’s worth it to stay out of the way and let those essential workers who need to commute/travel feel safe doing so. Anonymous

Only been to the office one day in 450, was planning to go in this Friday, but that’s cancelled now. David

First day of masks in the office for me – as I was out of work mid August 2020 – mid April 2021. Have drunk a lot of coffee and feel the need for a broken biscuit to sit beside/inside me. I’m one dose in for six weeks of AstraZeneca, so low risk of transmissions, and glad I got to wedding last weekend that had to be scheduled for third time due to COVID-19. James

I’m back in the trackies! Everyone on my team wears glasses, and glasses and masks don’t mix, so we’re all working from home again. Pete

Staying at home, working with the cat again. I’m really lucky to have a job that is flexible, and have continued to work mostly remotely since the start of the pandemic. I had been going to the office in the CBD occasionally, because I do miss working around people, but will put a hold on that again for a little while. Steph

Office today. Public transport to work and home tonight. Supporting the local CBD cafe as much as possible. I decided last year that as much as possible, I will not let COVID-19 rule my life unless absolutely necessary. Business as usual for me. I don’t like working from home. I get cabin fever. Looking down St Kilda Road, it is quieter today than it has been, sadly. Karl

I’m a teacher – no work-from-home options for us! (So far our students are doing a relatively good job of wearing their masks today.) But can we please get the vaccine opened up for teachers under 50? Amanda

When will the silent majority of those like me that want to continue to be allowed to work from home (without local CBD traders or the MCC lobbying to get me back into the CBD) going to find a voice to lobby for us? Why are all these CPAs [certified public accountants] not doing the maths on potential direct bottom line savings for rent and outgoings for CBD office space? I am spending just as much money if not more within my local business community on things like stationery, coffee, milk, printers and even the odd business lunch as I ever did in the overpriced CDB outlets. Many businesses in the town I live have put on staff to cater for those like me that no longer have to travel on public transport for many hours a day. Much rather spend in my own town than the CBD. Hopefully, this post gets a few thumbs up in support. Stirlo

Fronted up to work at one of Melbourne’s major hospitals today. All hands on deck and everyone is pitching in to keep our public health system up and running. Tom

I’m at home – with trackies, but adding some class with sneakers. There was no way I was going to go on public transport and then sit in an office mask-clad for eight hours, trying to communicate with our hybrid staff, some who have still not yet returned to the office. I feel ill-placed to complain about doing this long term as this will be my first taste of the somewhat forced WFH life. I had a baby in March last year, so while I was locked down for another reason, I completely missed the hard lockdown in the context of work. I’m still trying to work out if I have to do my hair when I’m on Zoom … Tanya

I’m continuing to do what I normally do. I work a couple of days at home, and a couple of days in the office. That’s what I did before the pandemic, and it’s what I’m doing now. Wearing a mask in the office won’t stop me going in to work. I’ve had enough of being locked up at home to last a lifetime! Simon

Working in the lab today as I have 98 per cent of the time during the pandemic. I love my job but would love to be in my uggs right now … Julia

As I’m a disability support worker, I had my first injection in April, the latest statistics from UK and US show that [after] having one AstraZeneca jab I’m 75 per cent less likely to get COVID and 65 per cent less likely to be contagious! Pleased I had the jab in April as I headed out to work today. Simone

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