Toddler DECAPITATED after his scarf gets tangled in motorbike wheel

Toddler is decapitated when his scarf gets caught in motorbike wheel while riding in his mother’s arms in the Philippines

  • The garment unraveled and snarled in the bike’s wheel in Sunday’s tragedy
  • Police said the boy’s head was apparently torn off in the horrific accident 
  • His grandmother was driving and both women may face manslaughter charges

A 19-month-old boy was horrifically decapitated in a freak motorcycle accident in the Philippines on Sunday.

The toddler’s head was apparently torn off after a scarf wrapped around him to protect him from the sun unraveled and was snared in the wheel of the motorbike ridden by his grandmother Rosita Tejano.

The boy’s mother Lorna Stephanie Nueva was carrying him in her arms as they returned from a clinic in Catarman, the capital of Northern Samar, to their home in Palapag.

Both women could face manslaughter charges, a local police officer said.

Laoang in Northern Samar, near where the horrific accident happened on Sunday (file photo)

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Tragedy struck as they were riding their Honda motorcycle through the village of Rawis in Laoang municipality, some 30 miles from Catarman.

Witnesses said neither woman had a chance to react before the child’s head was severed, according to ABS-CBN.

Laoang Police investigator Elizar Diu said the two women could be charged with ‘reckless imprudence resulting in homicide’ under the Republic Act 10666 which governs child safety on motorcycles, according to

It was the second time Ms Nueva had lost a child to an accident in two years. In 2016 her eight-year-old daughter drowned in a river in their home village of Sumoroy near Palapag town.

Families in the Philippines often travel on overloaded motorcycles, despite laws governing the practice (file photo)


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