TikTok amputee forced to show his FAKE LEG to shut down OAP who confronted him for using disabled parking space

AN amputee TikTok user has gone viral after he showed his false leg to an elderly woman in a row over a disabled parking space.

Paniora Nukunuku said the woman knocked on his window and demanded to know if the disabled badge in his windscreen was really his at a McDonald's in Sydney, Australia.

He posted a furious TikTok rant after the encounter, blasting: “Why do old people think they're the disability police?”

Social worker Paniora said as he held up his permit: “I have a disability card because I have a fake leg, right.

“Obviously you can’t see my disability if I’m in the car. So please tell me why this old lady thought it would be a great idea to knock on my window and ask me if this is mine or not.

“It’s not your business if we have this card. It is not your business. You are not the disability police.

“Even if someone doesn’t look old, doesn’t look ‘disabled enough’, if someone has this you shut your mouth and walk away.”

Paniora posted a follow-up video – viewed more then 1.4million times – in which he makes the woman look at his prosthetic limb.

He pulls up his trouser leg and says: "Let's go see her face when she finds out I've got one leg."

Paniora catches up with her in McDonald's and asks: “Did you approach me because I was not disabled enough?"

The woman responds: “I will tell you why. I’m asking you because I desperately need it. There have been times … please listen to me.

Paniora cuts her off saying: “I’ve got one leg and you come up to me asking if this card is mine?”

She replies: “I did and I have a right to.”

But he snaps back: “No you don’t have a right to. If the card is there, you don’t need to worry about it.

“There is a reason we have the card. It's so this doesn’t happen, so you don’t assume that someone isn’t disabled enough. Don’t ever do that again.”

Many users praised Paniora for standing up for himself, but others criticised him for how he spoke to the OAP – who is believed to also be a disabled badge holder.

In a third video, Paniora says he reported the woman to police but they told him no crime was committed.

In January, a Paralympic swimmer with two false legs posted a TikTok video after a supermarket shopper shouted at her for parking in a disabled space in the US.

And last week, a disabled woman in Sydney shared the abusive notes that get left on her car from people who think she looks too healthy.

Earlier this month a shameless supercar driver without a disabled badge parked his £157 McLaren across two disabled bays in Melbourne.

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