Three injured in Hamilton show stampede as screaming audience sprint out amid gunman fears

Panicked musical fans ran screaming from the Orpheum Theatre in San Francisco in a state of "mass panic" when shouts of "gun" were heard inside, according to reports.

It is believed one person inside the theatre suffered a heart attack during the performance — which another audience member interpreted as them having been shot.

The San Francisco Fire Department confirmed one person suffered a broken leg in the crush, while another two sustained "moderate" injuries.

Images of the scene shared on social media show a large police presence gathered outside the theatre with a large crowd of people.

Joe Khalil, who said he was at the show, wrote online: "Our Hamilton show ended in a mass panic.

"Members of the audience started screaming and running, shouts of 'gun' could be heard.

"The entire theatre cleared out. Theatre staff tells us it was actually one person who suffered a medical emergency.

"Someone misconstrued the situation."

He later tweeted: "Police outside responded quickly. Thankfully there was no gun, no shooter.

"It was however a scary few minutes. Many people here are visibly shaken. Crowds were running for the exits and ducking for cover.

"SFPD here on scene tell us someone had a heart attack, and someone else in the audience thought that person may have been shot."

Pictures shared on social media showed cops allowing people being allowed back into the theatre to retrieve belongings left behind in the stampede.

Joe later wrote: "I just overheard a medical responder say three people transported to the hospital, four total injured including the original medical emergency that prompted the mass panic/evacuation of the theatre."


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