Theresa May has handed over 'Xmas list' of goodies to EU in botched Brexit deal, Boris Johnson blasts

The top Tory insisted it IS still possible to get a better deal than the PM's fudge – as long as Britain stands firm.

Boris predicted that if the UK prepares for No Deal, Brussels will take us more seriously and offer improved terms.

And he mocked the idea that the EU's rules are as inflexible as ancient tribes – pointing out that Eurocrats are used to "horse trading and back room compromises".

Mrs May has told MPs they have a choice between her deal or No Deal, or a second referendum on Brexit.

And EU bosses have publicly said they won't reopen negotiations on the withdrawal agreement signed off last month.

But in a Twitter storm this evening, the former Foreign Secretary said both sides were bluffing and predicted talks will restart if MPs vote down the PM's deal in nine days' time.

Boris wrote: "Those who say that it’s impossible to get a better deal from the EU than Theresa May’s deal – that the EU has rules as immutable as those of the Medes and the Persians – have obviously never seen the horse trading and back room compromises that characterise every EU summit.

"What is different about this negotiation is one simple fact: the EU believed that despite her ‘No Deal is Better than a Bad Deal’ rhetoric, Theresa May was desperate for a deal at any price.

"Once those with whom you are negotiating believe that, then it simply becomes a matter of how long they want to make their Christmas list.

"Once the EU realises that they have overplayed their hand & Parliament won’t wear this shameful surrender, they will be faced with a choice: do a proper & equitable deal or split without a deal – a prospect that they don’t relish, not least as they lose all leverage over us."

Boris is helping to lead the revolt against Mrs May's deal which will come to a vote in Parliament on December 11.

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