Tesco shoppers baffled after spotting Father's Day Toblerone bar on sale just days before Christmas

Father's Day this year was 182 days ago while the same event in 2019 is still another 184 days away.

Alan Falconer spotted the weirdly-branded chocolate bars in an Inverness store on Saturday and put a picture online.

The 52-year-old captioned his post: “In the shops in December. Wtf?”

The images clearly show several bigger bars of toblerone sitting on the shelves, priced at £3.

In big writing they also clearly have, “To my hero” and underneath in slightly smaller writing, “Happy Father’s Day!”

Father's Day doesn't come along until June 16 next year and was on June 17 this year.

One user said: “Either they are early or very late.”

Another commented: “Maybe it’s for Santa’s son?”

Another Facebook user said: “We’re heroes all year round!”

Another Facebook user joked: “Probably sexist now anyway.”

Speaking today, beer engineer Alan said he couldn’t comprehend why the supermarket decided to put the chocs on the shelves.

He said: “Thought it was madness. Bad enough having Easter eggs out early but Father’s Day is six months away.”

Earlier this year, the UKIP leader blasted supermarkets for selling Christmas items too early, after he spotted Christmas chocolates on the shelves in September.

In a Twitter post MEP Gerard Batten said: “I’m in Tesco, it’s 8th September and they are already selling Christmas stuff."

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