Ten years ago I was a Disney star – now I’m an unrecognisable hunk selling raunchy snaps on OnlyFans | The Sun

A FORMER Disney star has revealed how he "tripped and fell" into flogging raunchy snaps on OnlyFans.

Dan Benson spent years entertaining youngsters as Zeke Beakerman in Wizards of Waverly Place alongside Selena Gomez until his career took a different turn.

The actor was 20 when he bagged the role on the hit Disney Channel show in 2007.

Dan, from Missouri, appeared in all four series until the show wrapped up in 2012.

But during his time on the kids' TV show, he said nude photos of women would often end up in his inbox.

Dan, now 35, said he sometimes sent explicit images of himself back.

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He told his TikTok followers: "I would get messages from people all of the time, some of those being women that I found incredibly attractive.

"It turns out, messaging those women, who turned out not to be who they said they were, was not the best idea."

Dan said some of the nude pictures and videos he had sent ended up on adult websites.

He added: "That was a pretty traumatic experience, and for years I went about trying to get rid of them, get them off the internet because obviously I did not want them out there.

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"But, as you can imagine, that was a pretty difficult task."

Dan said he almost lost his job over the pictures being shared and it had a "very big, negative impact" on his life.

After Wizards of Waverly Place finished he landed very few roles and only got a few minor credits.

He added: "Eventually, I decided to stop fighting against it and instead go the other direction and completely lean into and build out a page.

"And instead of letting these people sell my privacy, I decided to say, 'Alright, screw you. I'm gonna sell it myself'.

"So I started that adventure year and I've been having a tremendous amount of fun, I've met a lot of great people in the adult entertainment industry.

"It's changed my life for the better."

Dan is now unrecognisable from his days playing nerdy character Zeke with a beard and chiseled muscles.

He makes cash by selling graphic pictures and videos on OnlyFans.

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