Teen mum, 19, fears damp and mouldy council flat 'could kill her 16-month-old baby daughter'

Louise Sillitoe, 19, claims she was forced to sleep in her living room on Christmas Day because the bedrooms in her "hell hole" home are covered in mould.

The mum-of-one now fears the damp could kill 16-month-old Alexis-Leigh Owers after it left their mattresses green, Hull Daily Mail reports.

Louise moved into the 70-year-old flat in April and says the mould began building up in October.

She claims it has since got worse with black spots appearing in both bedrooms.

The mum said: "It's just disgusting. I shouldn't have to live like this. My daughter and I should feel safe and secure in our home – not waiting for more mould to start taking over rooms.

"The council have told me it's my fault that I have let it get like that, but it's not my fault at all.

"They told me I should wipe it with a baby wipe which I think was a bit weird."

Louise says she has been forced to leave the heating on constantly and have the windows open to get rid of the black spots creeping along the walls, ceiling and window ledge.

She is now taking Alexis-Leigh to the doctors after claiming the tot has been coughing "for weeks".

Louise said: "If something is not done soon I fear my daughter could die. She's only young and her immune system isn't as strong as a grown adults.

"Mould can breed dangerous spores and if my daughter breaths it in she could potentially die in that green bed. I just want to get out of here."

Louise has since sought legal representation against Hull City Council after moving her and the baby's cot into the living room.

A spokesman for Hull City Council said: "Miss Sillitoe currently has legal representation in relation to her allegations of damp and condensation and therefore it is inappropriate for the Council to comment at this time."

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