Teen girls in Pennsylvania busted for letting 2-year-old use vape pen in video

Disturbing new video shows a 2-year-old Pennsylvania boy using a vape pen — as two teen girls who were supposed to be caring for him laugh in the background, according to a new report.

The clip, taken on Jan. 9 and posted to Snapchat, shows the toddler inhaling from the device and coughing as his 17-year-old babysitter — along with an 18-year-old friend who was also in the St. Clair Township home — does nothing to stop him, WPXI reported.

The boy took the device — which is believed to have contained 3 percent nicotine but no THC — from a nightstand and began to use it, Pennsylvania State Police investigators told the outlet.

A tipster alerted authorities to the video on Sunday.

Both teens were taken into custody and child endangerment charges are pending against them, police said. The incident was also reported to the local child welfare agency.

The toddler’s parents had no idea what had happened until police brought it to their attention, according to the report.

“I’m disgusted,” the boy’s mother told the station. “I’m very upset. I’m in disbelief they’d even laugh or have it in reach of a child’s possession. I’m not trusting anybody anymore to babysit my child. I’m done. I don’t even want to put him in daycare. I can’t trust anybody anymore.”

The boy is not related to the teen girls, police said.

Both teens are believed to be students in the United school district, a spokesperson told the outlet in a statement.

“The administration was made aware of the video, and we believe the two individuals are United students,” the statement said. “Their names were provided to the authorities who are investigating.”

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