Teacher falls over demonstrating her home schooling jump to spell game

She needs homeschooling hazard pay! Moment teacher demonstrates her ‘jumping out a word’ game and falls on her backside (while spelling ‘sit’)

  • Olga Brennan from Dublin was giving an online early years spelling lesson 
  • The primary school teacher was showing her ‘jumping out a word game’ 
  •  She placed several large pieces of paper each with a letter on her wooden floor
  • Unfortunately, as she tried to spell the word ‘sit’, the letter ‘t’ shot away from her 

This is the hilarious moment a Dublin teacher discovered giving parents homeschooling ideas was a bit more painful than she’d expected.

Olga Brennan, from Rush, in north Dublin, laid sheets out a series of letters each written on a sheets of A3 paper to assist children in learning to spell. 

In her hopscotch-inspired game, the idea is for the child to jump from letter to letter while spelling out a word. 

Teacher Olga Brennan from Fingal, Dublin was giving a homeschooling lesson to her pupils

She was showing parents how they could use a ‘jump to spell’ game to keep their young children learning through lockdown

Having chosen the word ‘sit’, Ms Brennan, who is an early years teacher, successfully jumps on the letters ‘s’ and ‘i’. 

Unfortunately for Ms Brennan, she was about to provide a lesson in physics and the properties of friction. 

Wearing a pair of pink socks, she addressed her audience. 

‘Hi boys and girls, I’m going to show you my jumping out a word game.

‘If you look at the floor, I’ve made big pieces of paper with our first six sounds on them.’

She then goes through the contemporary process of sounding out the letters phonetically rather than reciting their name.

‘Now we are going to play the game with our first six sounds.

‘So have a look how they’re written. Mums and dads if we’re writing them out we do them in lower case letters.’

Addressing the children Ms Brennan continues: ‘So your job is going to be to jump out a word. There are lots of words we can make using these sounds. So watch what ones I do.’

Looking down at the floor, Ms Brennan announces: ‘I’m going to try the word, “sit”.

Olga Brennan, pictured, a teacher at St Andrew’s National School in Malahide, Dublin, has been trying to come up with innovative ways to keep her young students engaged with learning during lockdown

During the first lockdown in the spring, she used chalk to mark out the letters on the pavement

Unfortunately for Ms Brennan, the pieces of paper moved when she landed on them

As she jumps to the letters ‘s’ and ‘I’, she pronounces them phonetically. However, the final letter ‘t’ is about four feet away from her and requires a considerable leap.

She powers into the air, and lands sweetly on the correct piece of paper which was resting on a wooden floor.

Unfortunately, she was carrying too much momentum and the lack of friction between the paper and the wooden floor caused her feet to slide away on the letter ‘t’.

Remarkably, Ms Brennan did not add the letter ‘h’ to the word as she hits the floor with a bump, however, she does call out ‘oh, Jesus Christ’, as she rolls on the floor, while the person filming, believed to be her daughter starts laughing.

Commenting on Twitter after the footage was shared online, Ms Brennan said: ‘I’m the star of the vid! Can’t believe it’s reached Twitterland! The lengths us teachers will go to to keep your little lovelies learning!’

One Twitter user, Graham Manning said: ‘Need homeschooling hazard pay.’ 

Philip Boucher-Hayes responded: ‘ I’ve been saying for some time that if the virus doesn’t get you, homeschooling will.’

Speaking to MailOnline, Ms Brennan said: ‘This started on Tuesday.  

‘I am a junior infant teacher at St Andrew’s National School in Malahide. We are teaching online now. Part of my daily thing is posting little videos to keep them engage. Teaching them how to form letters and spell words. Sometimes I’ll read them a story. 

‘I shared it on my Whatsapp group. I didn’t intend for this happen, it has crossed over to Twitter. I’m just laughing. 

‘It’s all well received. 

‘This is lockdown number two. I did the jumping out a word game last year in the spring. I was able to do that outside using chalk on the pavement. 

‘This time, I thought I’d try it inside. My son was filming it. When I looked back at hthe video I thought it was hilarious and shared it on my teacher Whatsapp group. 

‘My colleagues started sending it to their teacher friends and it spread around the country.  It has had a brilliant reaction. My teacher colleagues were sending it around. It went around the country and now it is heading around the world. 

‘It is a slapstick moment. If you are at home with your kids, everyone is struggling. It is good to see that teachers are human. I was grand. I was crying laughing.’

Ms Brennan had some advice for people finding it difficult to home school.  

‘I do hear about people struggling. You have to remember that parents are not teachers. The most important thing is to have a happy home. If you are having a tough day, go out for a walk and take a break. They will catch up later.’  

 ‘I can’t wait to get back into the classroom. Hopefully it won’t be too much longer.’ 

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