Student, 22, who fell 60ft from flat window while putting up Xmas decorations 'died after hospital refused treatment' | The Sun

A YOUNG nursing student died after suffering a deadly fall from her fourth-floor apartment in Jordan.

Dina Khalil, 22, was from the Israeli town of Jadeidi-Makr and was studying in Amman.

Dina was putting up festive Christmas decorations in her flat when she fell from her flat's fourth-story window.

Her family claims the hospital she was sent to refused to provide her with medical care as Dina was unable to pay enormous medical costs at the hospital.

In response, Dina's friends launched a crowdsourcing campaign to raise the funds for her treatment.

Her condition continued to worsen as she waited for treatment.


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Her father spoke to local journalists about the incident, and said the hospital staff waited until it was "too late".

He said: "The hospital staff waited a long time before giving her the necessary treatment and she lost a lot of blood."

Israeli representative in the Knesset, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tib, visited Dina while she was in hospital in Jordan.

After visiting Dina and speaking to the attending physician, it was decided that Dina could not be transported to Israel for additional care.

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Dr Al-Tib said: "What happened with the student Dina is sad, a painful and unfortunate incident, and we will stand by her family and colleagues, morally and financially."

After her death, Dina was transferred to Haifa’s Rambam Medical Centre in Israel.

Dina's organs were donated after her death, and have saved the lives of five individuals.

"We didn’t think about who would receive her organs. The important thing was to save lives.

"We are very happy with the decision but are sorry that this is what happened to our beloved daughter."

Hospital staff in Jordan has not yet responded to the family's claims.

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